2006 Mach Z & Renegade 1000 Clutching

A number of Ski-Doo Mach Z and Renegade 1000 owners (and dealers) are not aware of the clutching changes required to make these sleds operate properly. Quite common is the complaint the engine “cuts out” at high RPM operation. This is often due to the engine hitting the rev limiter above 8000 RPM, as the 1000 is designed to operate at no more than 7850 RPM.
Both of these models come from the factory with threaded pins in each TRA arm and the adjustable clickers set up to #6. This setting most often allows the engine to rev past 8000 RPM, and the rider experiences what they describe as cutting out as the rev limiter is engaged. Duh.
Ski-Doo likely had to do this to meet a particular wide open throttle noise test, which is unfortunate, as the Mach Z is actually an extremely quite machine. What you need to do is install a 25mm set screw into each of the threaded pins, part #206 262 599 (order three of them). Also, reset the clickers down to # 2 or # 3 so the shift RPM is 7850. Then the machine will operate as the factory intended. This is a sea level calibration, and also applies to Summit 1000 models operated at elevations below 2000 feet (you also need to install the threaded pins that come standard in the Mach Z and Renegade, part #417 222 295). These changes are not covered by warranty, they are at the expense of the owner.


3 thoughts on “2006 Mach Z & Renegade 1000 Clutching

  1. sounds like you know a lot about the 06 mach z 1000 maybe you can tell me what kind of pipe and can to put on i want it to be loud and faster what should i do to it

  2. I have an 06 summit 1000 installed twin pipes which allowes engine to rev higher but cuts out at high rpm, looking for a way to adjust rev limiter to 9000 rpm. Iv heard it floods the engine with fuel to drop rpms, any ideas?

  3. i have a mach z it has the highest gear install factory clutch is on two and that machine goes it is not a drag sled its a top end sled big diffrient in the performs all you need to do is hang on thats way it call a lake racer

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