2011 Yamaha RS Vector GT

Long Distance Cruiser

Yamaha has cultivated a loyal following with their popular RS Vector models ever since its introduction. Over the years, the Vector has earned a reputation as a turn-key snowmobile, just like an automobile or truck. Gas and go is about the extent of it, and trail riders everywhere love it.

For 2010 the RS Vector GT was fitted with a new fuel-injected 4-stroke, the Genesis 120 FI. This is a larger displacement 3-cylinder, now up to 1049cc for even broader torque and slightly more horsepower, yet it weighs over two pounds less than the previous (carbureted) Vector engine. The new 120 FI was a hit last year; better running quality, easier starts, more power (now up to 126 HP), with 15 more ft/lbs of torque! And, there’s more juice with a high output stator that cranks out an additional 70 watts of power.

The shocks up front are trick; GYTR dual-clickers give you the most tunability on the market with 12 clicks of compression AND 20 clicks of rebound damping. Ride it the way it comes stock, or set it to your liking. In the rear is the dial-adjust single KYB shock fitted into the comfy Mono Shock 2 suspension. Get the spring set for your weight, and then use the dial on the side of the tunnel to tweak the shock as needed. (If you have found the KYB too soft in the past, you can now install a new Fox Mega FLOAT for added capability – this won’t make it a Nytro, but it broadens the range of the suspension by adding even more resistance to bottoming via the progressive spring rate. You would lose the remote dial adjust, however.)

Forget what the specs say on paper; this is a premium snowmobile that will last for years of use. On groomed trails this set-up is dialed; It is stable and consistent, an all-around well-balanced sled with outstanding ride quality and predictable steering. This is the sled of choice for long-distance riders who log thousands upon thousands of miles on groomed trails each winter all day long, day after day. The new engine is about as bullet-proof as you will ever find in a sled – would you ride a two-stroke for 30,000 miles without opening it up? Of course not. With a Vector, it is more the rule than the exception. This is it; the 2011 RS Vector GT with a retail price of $10,799.