Hop on a new 2007 Arctic Cat fitted with the ACT Diamond Drive system and you’ll find a new button on the right hand...

Hop on a new 2007 Arctic Cat fitted with the ACT Diamond Drive system and you’ll find a new button on the right hand throttle block – the “happy button”. The ACT Diamond Drive system, now going on its fourth model year, has been improved with the addition of a push-button reverse.

Ever since the introduction of the ACT Diamond Drive there has been no provision for a reverse gear or function. Arctic Cat riders who wanted both reverse and the lightweight ACT planetary gear transmission have been screaming; now it is found on every model fitted with the ACT Drive system.

Instead of stalling the engine and re-starting it in a reverse rotation like Ski-Doo and Polaris employ on their 2-strokes, Arctic Cat opted to integrate an electronically-actuated mechanical system into their ACT Diamond Drive.

The ACT system positively engages quickly and smoothly, without the engine stalling that can occur on competitive systems. An actuator shifts the transmission into forward or reverse by rotating the “shift-shaft”, thus sliding a sleeve inside the gear case that locks or unlocks a planetary gear. The planetary gear, when locked, creates a forward rotation on the output shaft. The shifting takes about of a second at most.

The system has an electronic speed sensor and RPM limiter which safeguards the system so the rider can not engage the reverse system while still rolling forward.

The ACT Diamond Drive system is beneficial because it replaces the jackshaft, chaincase, chain and gears of a traditional drive system with a sequence of CNC-machined gears. The result is a lower center of gravity, along with a wider selection of gear ratios and a reduced engagement RPM.


    February 13, 2009 #1 Author

    I have a 2007 M6 that jumps out of forward making a grinding noise. I have replaced the reverse/drive fork and the problem continues. I have now gone thru the complete Diamond drive box & gears inspecting them and all seems fine, but the problem still exist. Please call me, Bob Chamblee at 253-973-9973. Is there a way to get more pressure on the fork pullout for forward. I had thought putting spacers/ashers between the shift fork mount plate and actuator would give it some extra movement for forward engagement…Tell me what you think.

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