Say “2007 Ski-Doo Summit” and most of us would think of an 800 REV longtrack, 144” or 151”, and for those powder hounds a...

Say “2007 Ski-Doo Summit” and most of us would think of an 800 REV longtrack, 144” or 151”, and for those powder hounds a 159”. Being 16” wide tracks, each one has a footprint larger than the length alone would indicate.
But Ski-Doo knows how diverse mountain riders are, so for 2007 there are thirteen (yes, 13) different Summits. There are (4) RT-chassis 1000 SDI “Highmark” models – two track lengths (151” & 162”) in “X” and standard suspension packages. Then we have (5) 800 X models; 144”, 151”, 159”, and the two new racer-like X-RS in 151” & 159”.
At the heart of the line are the (3) “Adrenaline” models, an 800 with a 144” or 151” track length, and the 600 SDI. And, for $2,600 LESS than a 600 Adrenaline, we have the (rental) Summit Fan, powered by a 550 fan-cooled Rotax.
Since its introduction in 2003, the Summit REV models have been refined and honed into the premier mountain sleds they are today. A big leap in performance occurred with the 2006 models, especially in the ride and suspension departments. Now in its fifth model year, the Summit REV models continue to see weight reductions and refinements.
Most significant for 2007 is the major addition of a more powerful Rotax 2-TEC 800R PowerT.E.K. lightweight two-stroke. All Summit 800s have this engine, and only Summits get it (no MX Zs, yet). New from the ground up, the 800R is the highest-tech carbureted two-stroke ever, fitted with PowerTEK engine management for automatic calibration and excellent fuel economy with a full complement of features, such as throttle position sensor, knock sensor, ambient temperature sensor, crank position sensor, liquid-cooled crankcase, new 3-D R.A.V.E. valves and more. The “800R” is said to the most powerful engine in both the 800cc and 900cc classes with 151 horsepower (see dyno test in this issue). Cutting-edge electronics and exhaust controls enable it to exceed the U.S. EPA emission standards – while remaining lightweight AND carbureted. Sweet.
Overall, the Summits are well engineered lightweight deep snow machines. They float well for their track lengths, but the rider-forward positioning requires some adjustment in how the machine behaves. The 800R is so good, only the heavy guys, steep freaks and those simply addicted to having the biggest will need a 1000. Remember, power to weight ratio – the lighter sled with the best ratio wins. Running quality and consistency, as well as fuel economy, are as good as it gets with fully-automatic electronic engine management, including fuel delivery.  The correct track length is often a crap shoot; how deep and bottomless will the snow be, and how often? Shorter is more agile and easier to spin faster…..

Summit X-RS – For Hard Core Sledders Only
The hardest riding, most hard core snowmobilers will want the Summit X-RS package. This is the most advanced, specialized Summit model ever offered, thanks to equipment straight from the company’s snocross and hillclimb racing sleds. It starts with a reinforced REV racing chassis, HPG (High Pressure Gas) shocks with racing calibrations, clear tank/no fuel gauge, a racing seat, race handlebars/J-hooks/riser block, single dash gauge (analog tachometer/digital speedo), Type S racing brake with steel-braided brake line, racer snow flap, and ultra lightweight polycarbonate hood with integrated mountain design. And it LOOKS just like a race sled, with a “thong” for a windshield (all visual, little function). This special new sled is also the prime recipient of the brand new 2-TEC Rotax 800R PowerT.E.K. motor.
Any sled branding itself as a race-sled has got to have a state-of-the-art suspension package.
The Summit X-RS has lightweight aluminum-bodied C-36 HPG Clicker Take-Apart shocks in the front and standard titanium springs. In the rear are two aluminum HPG Take-Aparts. Both the front and rear suspension have the same (expert) calibration as Summit hillclimb racing sleds.
For a racer “super-premium” look to match its features list and performance, the Summit XRS comes in a Ski-Doo Yellow and Voltage Blue color combination, with a “Supernatural
Mountain” design (wow) on the side panels and hood. Thankfully, it is priced less than a Highmark. The X-RS 151” goes for $10,849 with the 159” at $11,249.
Most of us will be riding the Summit X-package: The ultimate boondocking machine delivering maximum deep snow performance, putting a premium on light weight and high performance features. Here we find race-inspired features, but not the all-out X-RS approach. For 2007, Summit X enthusiasts will appreciate the upgrades to all packages, including the 151 HP 800R PowerTEK powerplant, a 10 pound weight reduction coming mostly from new Challenger Lite tracks, and handlebars and J-hooks from the Zx race sled. Better shocks and better brakes with more racer features make the Summit X the deep snow sled of choice for many.
Smaller riders and those who value the agility of a shorter track will go for the Summit X 144” ($9,949). When the snow gets deeper or the rider wants even more flotation, the 151” is near-perfect at $10,249. If you’re one of the lucky scum that gets to ride in fresh powder all the time, then you’ll appreciate the added flotation of the 159” Summit X ($10,649). Like all Summits, track widths are all 16” wide for the footprint and flotation of a longer track, but the agility of a shorter wheelbase.
Take the 1000cc SDI Rotax 2-stroke twin that wails on all others with its massive 170 HP, fit it into the RT chassis (modified REV to house the killer powerplant) and trick it out with X-package features and you’ve got the Highmark X-package: the ultimate highmarking machine with racing features and lightweight components.
For 2007, the Highmark X-Package is lighter, has better traction and more of a racer-look. A 15 lb. weight reduction makes it (slightly) easier to muscle the nuclear powerplant around, and the new Challenger Lite track spins easier and climbs higher.  You’ll also find Zx handlebars, riser, and hooks, just what the doctor ordered, along with a new Steel/Black color choice. The HMX comes in two track lengths: 151” ($11,849) and 162” ($12,249).
While any of these “X” models are supposed to be “spring-only”, savvy dealers ordered a few extras and we strongly suspect you’ll be able to find one on the floor. The rest of the Summits are “all-season” offerings and will be more plentiful.
For riders craving the ultimate power, the 170 HP Summit Highmark models got exactly what they needed, a diet! For 2007, the beefy 1000 SDI-powered monsters have lost another 15 pounds. They also get the MX Zx 440 racing seat, a new Challenger Lite track, the link-type sway bar, new riser block and the Summit X tunnel/taillight set-up. With this much motor and mass to throw around, the Highmark models are best suited for big (heavy) riders, those who need the power for steep climbing, or those who consistently ride in conditions where this kind of power is a must. Lighter, smaller riders will have their hands full throwing this beast around, unless they’re on the throttle. In-season Highmarks come in two track lengths; 162” ($11,799) and 151” ($11,399).
The Summit Adrenaline models are the value-priced boon docking machines for experienced riders. The in-season Adrenalines are offered in the higher-performance 800R (144” & 151”) and the 600 H.O. SDO (144”). Tweaks for 2007 include the Zx 440 racing seat, the Summit X tunnel/taillight set-up, an HPV Roller secondary clutch (800R), taller tug height (2.25”), a new riser block, and a new Grey/Black color choice. The Summit Adrenaline 800R 151” goes for $9,799 with the 144” at $9,499 and the 600 SDI at $8,649.
The Summit Fan 550F ($6,049) is a lightweight, economical package perfect for beginning mountain riders.  For 2007 gets a huge boost in flotation and traction with a wider (16”) Challenger track (136”) with taller lugs (1.75”).

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