Just like all of the other 2008 MX Z models, the all-new MX Z Renegade gets what amounts to the most comprehensive make-over ever...

Just like all of the other 2008 MX Z models, the all-new MX Z Renegade gets what amounts to the most comprehensive make-over ever when it comes to a snowmobile re-design with the REV-XP platform. About all that’s left over from last year are the engines, primary clutch, skis and coupler blocks. That’s it. Most every other part and piece on the Renegade is all-new. The REV made history, and the REV-XP has the potential to be even bigger.

With this much re-design, it’s hard to know what to expect from such a radically different sled. Instead of a 136” track length, the Renegades now come with a 137” track length. The number of bars is the same, but with slightly longer spacing between them the length stretches out slightly.

The biggest difference, of course, is the weight reduction. Figure fifty pounds lighter across the board, regardless of engine size. This translates to quicker acceleration, less fatigue after long rides, increased maneuverability, and a sled that simply brings back memories of the smaller, lighter sleds of the past. But, with new suspensions and clean two-stroke motors. What remains to be seen is if the rear suspension performance and engine vibration (800R) has been improved over the early prototypes.

The MX Z Renegades continue their tradition of being the better choice for those who enjoy true cross-country riding, a mix of groomed trails and off-trail riding. The added length keeps the tail in line, adds flotation, and smoothes the ride quality with the longer wheelbase. Only in the tightest and narrowest trails will you notice the added length, to the point you might wonder why sleds with shorter tracks are even made. As far as we’re concerned, the Renegade has THE track length that suits more riders more often.

The MX Z Renegade has a choice of two premium engines, each with class-leading power, crisp, linear acceleration, incredible fuel economy and U.S. EPA certification; the Rotax 2-TEC 800R PowerTEK delivers 152 HP, with the 2-TEC 600 H.O. SDI rated at 118 HP. Both engines give the Renegade the lightweight handling of a two-stroke with the fuel economy and emissions as good as, or better than, a four-stroke. Weight? 430 pounds for the six, 437 for the eight. We’re talking 2.875 pounds per horsepower…….did you catch that?

The 2007 Ski-Doo MX Z Renegade 800 H.O. PowerTEK sells for $9,949, and the 600 H.O. SDI goes for $9,049. Buyers in the Spring could also opt for the X-package option, with high end shocks and more race-sled features along with a low windshield and handguards.

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