Powerful New Utility Sled Riders who use Utility snowmobiles have a powerful new option to consider: The new 2011 Polaris 600 WideTrak IQ, which...

Powerful New Utility Sled

Riders who use Utility snowmobiles have a powerful new option to consider: The new 2011 Polaris 600 WideTrak IQ, which combines numerous utility features with the smooth, efficient and powerful Liberty 600 HO Cleanfire engine. This engine is a performance leader in the 600 class, and it infuses the 600 WideTrak IQ with power and versatility not previously available from a Utility model.

The new 600 WideTrak IQ is first and foremost a Utility sled. It has a high-flotation long track, seating for two, ample cargo space, a protective high windshield and a large-capacity 14.3 gallon fuel tank. But with its powerful engine, the 600 WideTrak IQ will definitely see time on recreational rides, on and off trail.

Electric start is standard, as is PERC (Polaris Electronic Reverse Control) and an engine block heater that will ensure starting in extreme conditions. The 600 HO engine’s power is efficiently managed by the “P2” driven clutch. This clutch is engineered to deliver optimal performance while minimizing belt heat and wear. It maintains ideal sheave alignment, and it has a patented Flow-Through Cooling design that directs air through the clutch during operation, lowering belt temperatures by up to 25 degrees.

The 600 WideTrak IQ has a 20” wide, 156” long high-flotation track with 1.25” lugs, and the sled rides on the Utility/Tipped rear suspension, which provides a smooth, comfortable ride on the trail and excellent flotation off-trail. This suspension ensures that the sled maintains outstanding traction whether it’s carrying one or two riders and whether it’s hauling cargo or not. The rear suspension has a pair of gas shocks and 11” of travel.

The IQ IFS (Independent Front Suspension) provides a 600 WideTrak IQ rider with easy, responsive handling. The IQ IFS has Nitrex shocks and 10” of travel to soak up bumps and keep the ride smooth.

The 600 WideTrak IQ has a comfortable 2-up seat with an adjustable backrest that can be used by the driver when riding solo. Under the seat is a roomy storage compartment, and at the rear of the sled is a cargo rack with a 13-watt work light and tow hitch.

The passenger has heated handgrips and the driver has thumb and handwarmers. Plus, the 20″-high clear windshield protects the riders from the wind, the elements and trail and woods hazards.

The driver is kept abreast of the sled’s performance by the digital MFD (Multi-Function Display), which provides info from a speedo, tach, fuel gauge and temp/low oil light. A 12v DC outlet is ready to provide power to accessory devices. A heated, in-dash glove box conveniently holds and keeps warm items such as gloves, goggles, a GPS or cell phone.

The 2011 Polaris 600 WideTrak IQ comes in blue and retails for $10,999.

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