When Less is Truly More Not everyone wants or needs a great big shakin’ 800cc twin. If the sled is light enough, a good...

600 RMKWhen Less is Truly More

Not everyone wants or needs a great big shakin’ 800cc twin. If the sled is light enough, a good running 600 is going to take you most anywhere a heavier 800 can go. Almost. A 600 is for sure going to get better fuel economy, so that means more range – you can ride further before running out of gas. A 600 is easier on clutches, and a 600 is far more reliable. And it costs a whole lot less.

The 2011 Polaris 800 RMK was super popular last winter. Sure, Polaris riders had been starved for a great mountain sled so there was some built up demand, but the sled really did get through the snow with ease. It was only logical for Polaris to take their superior 600 twin and drop it into the new Pro-Ride RMK chassis and come up with a sweet little sled. Problem is, it runs so good that it is going to take away from some of the 800 sales, and we all know Polaris makes more money on big sleds than they do little ones.

The 600 Pro-RMK 155 has all the same great features as the 800 Pro-RMK, it’s just a small-bore version. Call it a tree sled, call it the ultimate boondocking machine or just call it damn-near-perfect. It’s built for riders who want the same ride & handling as the 800 in a 600 version. Dirt bike riders know that some people just prefer to ride a 250 rather than a 450. Smoother power delivery, easier to ride, more nimble. Same principle applies here.

Equipped with lightweight components such as the silencer, rotor, jackshaft and more, the new 600 Pro-RMK 155 is over 50 pounds lighter than a model year 2011 IQ RMK 155”. It delivers responsive, intuitive handling and does what you want it to. It gets up on top of the snow quickly, tips up, carves around, trenches less, and makes you believe you are a better rider.

Complementing the lightweight chassis is the quick-accelerating 600 Cleanfire engine, which delivers exceptional throttle response and a lightning-fast launch. With 125 HP and the lightweight chassis, this is going to be the little mountain sled that can do it all. Pricing starts at $10,499 ($10,899 with electric start). The standard-issue 600 RMK (blue & white) comes with a 144” track ($9,499) or 155” track length ($9,999).

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