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2013 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Revealed! Lucky day is today for all of us snowmobilers, as Ski-Doo has broke the silence on their much-anticipated 2013 line-up!...

2013 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Revealed!

Lucky day is today for all of us snowmobilers, as Ski-Doo has broke the silence on their much-anticipated 2013 line-up!

Amid much speculation and maybe even a few wagers between friends, Ski-Doo has revealed their 2013 snowmobile line-up to their dealers and consumers across the world. Entering the second decade of REV-derived rider-forward platforms, 2013 brings us an evolutionary progression of the REV family.

No longer do the shorter track trail sleds and deep snow mountain sleds share the REV-XP platform. Each one now gets their own platform variation, specifically designed to better suit the specific needs of the increasingly different riding styles. Most MX Z and Renegade models evolve to the REV-XS platform variation, where deep snow Summit and Freeride models are now getting even more changes in their exclusive REV-XM platform variation.

Both versions share the familiar REV-XP chassis construction for a strong rigid frame and lightweight construction. Both share a new nose, hood/headlight/console assembly, tail light and snowflap.

While similar and familiar-looking, the stealth-look of the XP has morphed into a more rounder, flowing and more refined body styling on both versions. Ski-Doo says it has “multiple origami-like surfaces and intricate detailing.” It is more dynamic and sophisticated.

The New REV-XS body style is specialized for trail riding. The “layered floating edge” design style makes the sled appear lightweight and compact. Side panel edges are more angled for getting farther off the side of the sled in aggressive cornering and wind protection is increased over the REV-XP body. New features include a heated glove box above the gauge to keep an extra pair of gloves or goggle warm, an LED taillight and redesigned snow flap.

The REV-XM body style has specific body panels are lighter weight and designed to move more easily through deep snow. Found on 2013 Ski-Doo Summit models, no sled has been more specialized for the unique powder riding style. A radical new rear suspension and major track innovation make mountain sled maneuvers easier for all levels of riders. Everything the driver interacts with is redesigned specifically for mountain riding, so the driver and sled can work closer together than ever before.

Key features on the 2013 Summit include;

tMotion rear suspension: A pivoting ball-joint on the rear arm and a split front arm allow the rear suspension to flex laterally, reducing the sled’s resistance to banking. If the sled is sitting on the ground and you stand on it, if you lean to the left or right the sled will lean that direction quite easily, but only by two degrees. This is just enough movement to get the sled’s inertia going in the direction you want it to.

Now add to this out-of-the-box suspension action a radically-different track; one that lets the edges flex so it acts like a curved track when you want to get the sled to bend into a sidehill or get the sled to roll. The Powder Max Short Rod track has shorter fibreglass reinforcing rod, now only 12-inches wide on the 16-inch wide tracks. When the rider initiates a roll, the edge of the track flexes, giving the sled the maneuverability of a narrow track with the flotation and traction
of a wide track.

We’ve ridden this new combination, and can verify the benefits. It makes average riders look like they’re even more talented and gives the shorter, lighter riders to throw the sled around easier with less effort. When you’re picking your line and working your way along and want to pitch the sled, the ability to give the sled a twitch of your hips and some pressure with your legs is all it takes to realize the benefit of the new track and suspension.

One might wonder what this does going down a trail, but that’s why the movement is limited to only four degrees. Ski-Doo tried more, found it to be too much, and settled in on the very small four degree mark. All we need to do is get the weight to start moving in the direction you want it to. One ride and you’ll appreciate the difference and improvement.

As an added benefit, the Summits get a more rising-rate motion ratio (similar to Freeride’s
SC-SM-2 suspension) for added bump capacity and comfort. We really like the rear suspension on the Freeride models the past two years, and believe most Summit riders will instantly appreciate the increased capability this change affords.

REV-XM ergonomic package: With changes to the side panels and frame structure, riders can now place their feet eight inches more forward compared to the 2012 XP Summits. This gets your body in line with the steering column, making many powder maneuvers easier.

The 2013 Summit’s running board openings are now 87% larger than the REV-XP version for better snow evacuation. Summit-specific handlebar controls are minimalist for no interference with the rider; a rigid grab handle offers more leverage when side hilling; the seat is smaller (and has storage) so swinging a leg over it is easier; the gauges are mounted flat for easier viewing when standing, and a heated glove box under the windshield keeps important items warm and handy.

Back to the short track models, the industry-leading rMotion rear suspension has been expanded: Th rMotion is the new benchmark for comfort, capability and adjustability and has been expanded to several more trail models. Most MX Z and Renegade sleds gain its broad-range ride quality, compliant and supple in small to medium bumps with amazing capacity and range in larger bumps. Spring buyers also have the option to add the rMotion Quick Adjust system, which mounts the rear spring preload and rear shock compression damping controls on the running boards for ultimate convenience. We highly recommend this option if you change settings with any frequency or weigh over 200 pounds for the added spring rate capability. We flippin’ love it.

Stay tuned for more details, and be sure to get your print copy of the Spring issue of SnowTech Magazine to learn more!

Check out these videos from Ski-Doo highlighting their 2013 lineup.

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