Since Arctic Cat has dropped the use of their F-Series sled names for their performance sleds this year, one might look at the ZR...

Since Arctic Cat has dropped the use of their F-Series sled names for their performance sleds this year, one might look at the ZR 8000 Sno Pro RR and wonder if this is a new sled, or what? This is the new name for the improved version of the race-bred (2013) ProCross F800 Sno Pro RR.

The ZR 8000 Sno Pro RR is no-compromise race-replica and has competition-specification components like Fox Float Evol X ski shocks; the complete RMC race brake system; lightweight disc and race pads; and running board edge-rolls and reinforcement. The RR even comes with the race-version of the FastTrack Slide-Action rear suspension, complete with Fox Zero X shocks featuring remote reservoirs and clicker adjustments.


The platform for the RR’s superiority is the ultra-light and tough ProCross chassis and Tapered 2-Piece Tunnel. The front Arctic Race Suspension delivers the ultimate bump control, now with lightened spindles. Calibrated just like the Team Arctic cross-country race sleds the RR can blast through the bumps and handle aggressive riding. It is designed for big bump capability, going fast and shredding the moguls, not for being comfortable or compliant through the smaller bumps on a groomed trail. Don’t complain if it is a firm ride, because that is exactly what it is – a capable race sled.

With 160-plus HP on tap courtesy of the 8000-series 800 H.O. 2-stroke engine, the ZR 8000 Sno Pro has few equals through the rough. The Arctic Drive System and Torque Control Link put that power to the 15 x 129 x 1.25-in. Ripsaw track, giving the RR true rip-snorting acceleration. The Turbo ZR 9000 Sno Pro RR has more power (177 vs. 160) but it weighs significantly more, giving the ZR 8000 Sno Pro RR the clear advantage in the bumps.


There are many changes to the 2014; the ski spindles are lighter by just under a half pound each, and the fuel capacity has been increased by 15% up to 12 gallons so you won’t be running on empty quite as often. Most importantly we find a new seat foam and shape with new sculpting for greater tailbone comfort and rider ergonomics, a much-needed improvement. There have also been some changes in the clutching, where a new driven clutch sheave has larger cooling fins to help reduce drive belt temperatures in an attempt to improve drive belt durability and performance. The clutch guard has also been tweaked for added durability (hopefully it will now better survive a blown belt at higher power levels). Finally, there is a new more durable cover for the brake disc.

If you want adjustable shocks on your Arctic Cat, this is the sled for you. If you ride hard and don’t mind getting your tail off the seat to go through the bumps, this is the sled for you. If you bottom the suspensions on normal high performance sleds, this is the sled for you. The 2014 Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Sno Pro RR is the ultimate performance package for attacking the bumps and retails for $13,849.

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