You just knew this was going to happen. Yamaha comes out with five new SR Viper sleds for 2014, but the longest track version...

You just knew this was going to happen. Yamaha comes out with five new SR Viper sleds for 2014, but the longest track version was a 141” with 1.6” lug heights. This might be sold a as mountain sled ten years ago, but Yamaha smartly positioned their SR Viper XTX as a crossover sled. Rightly so. And as capable as it is, you just knew that there would be a demand to convert this new breed of Viper into a full-on mountain sled.

And who better to offer this kind of conversion kit than the guys who were building Yamaha mountain sleds before there were factory Yamaha mountain sleds? That’s right, Tom Hartman and company at Hartman, Inc. in Nampa, Idaho.
Hartman is now offering two complete kits to turn your 2014 Yamaha SR Viper XTX 141” into a 162” track length mountain sled. Hartman is taking two approaches to this project; the first kit is less expensive and stretches the tunnel with a tunnel extension and stretches the rails with rail extensions. The second, and more expensive kit, does the conversion using a full-length tunnel and full length rails.


Both kits use natural aluminum for the new tunnel or tunnel extension portion. The full tunnel kit comes with a new rear bumper and a tail light harness kit, where the extension kit comes with a new rear bumper. Both kits come with the longer hyfax, and both kits come with new 8-tooth 3” pitch drivers (to provide adequate clearance for the deeper 2.6” lug Powder Claw track). And of course, both kits come with all of the necessary installation hardware.
How much is this conversion going to cost you? The kit with the full length rails and full length tunnel will run $899. The kit with the tunnel extension and rail extensions will run $525. If you buy one of the kits, Hartman will also sell you the Powder Claw track, which is 162” long, 3.0” drive pitch with 2.6” lug height for only $995. And of course, all of these kit components are also sold separately, so if you would like to say run a tunnel extension but with full length rails, they can do that for you as well. Just call and ask.
For information or to order what you need to build your own 2014 SR Viper 162”, contact Hartman Inc. at 208-468-1073 or visit their website at to learn more.

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