Improving the Trail Capability The Ski-Doo Renegade models have quickly become the industry standard when it comes to the most versatile machines on the...

Improving the Trail Capability

The Ski-Doo Renegade models have quickly become the industry standard when it comes to the most versatile machines on the snow. The combination of the REV-X platforms fitted with the now-legendary rMotion rear suspension and E-TEC (or 4-TEC) engines has proven to be the measuring stick by which all other crossover sleds are compared.
One of the issues with the rMotion rear suspension, if we can call it an issue, is that since the rear worked so very well it allowed the rider to tend to over-drive the front end at times. This has been resolved for 2015 with the introduction of a revised front suspension geometry in the new RAS2 front suspension. By using a taller spindle the upper ball joint is now higher to better minimize bump steer for even more precision, especially in bigger bumps. The skis maintain a slight bit of toe-out at full compression so the sled stays straight and true when you are pushing it to the limits.


Even if you don’t push it to the limits, the machine will handle better with less body roll and flatter cornering, making it an even better trail sled. Adding to the trail sled character is a switch back to a 15” wide track for even better cornering ability and top speed. This is a 15” wide Ripsaw I track, extremely durable and best suited for packed trails, light and fast.
2015 also brings a new DESS tether system to the Renegade Adrenaline, eliminating the physical electrical contact that sometimes would get wet and beep at you, requiring some adjustment to get the sled going. Now the tether cord relies on a radio frequency so once the tether is attached you are good to go.
The 2015 Renegade Adrenaline still comes in four versions; three of them on the narrower REV-XS platform, with the 1200 4-TEC fitted into the slightly wider REV-XR body style. XS versions include the 900 ACE 4-stroke with 90 HP, the popular 600 E-TEC with 125 HP and the wicked 800R E-TEC with right about 160 HP. All deliver best in class fuel economy and running quality, and there is no wrong choice here. SnowTech test riders have logged thousands of miles on all of these engine packages and we can tell you they are all good. It really comes down to how much power you want, or need to get to where you are going. The 900 ACE is simply outstanding for groomed trail riding and can actually get around quite well in off trail excursions, it’s just not as fast as a 2-stroke. The E-TEC engines are incredibly light, but admittedly will not last as long as their 4-stroke brothers over the long haul. You’ll notice the difference mostly off-trail when you’re trying to maneuver the sled around in the deep. On packed trails it is far less of an issue, so once again no right or wrong answer here, they are all really good.

The icing on the cake is the world-class storage and cargo capability of these sleds. The tunnel length of the Renegade Adrenaline allows you to mount both a gas can and a cargo bag, or two cargo bags, or an accessory seat. The LinQ attachment system makes putting on and taking off the accessories as quick as it can be, with positive security.
Compared to the Spring-only Renegade X models, what is missing for the lower price of the Adrenaline models? Adjustable shocks front and rear, that is the biggest difference. The X-packages also come with a fancy gauge cluster and a slightly taller riser block for the handlebars, along with a set of racing brake pads. But, the Adrenaline models come with a decent height windshield instead of the low windshield and handguards of the X-package, so you are ahead in the rider protection department. The X-packages get a new water-dipped graphic hood, but when it comes to the engines and powertrain you are going to have it all.
Add it all up – the best ride quality available with high pressure gas shocks all around, even better handing for 2015, industry leading engine options, industry leading cargo and accessory options and we have the most versatile trail sleds you can buy in the 2015 Ski-Doo Renegade Adrenaline models. If we were to go out and buy a sled right now today, this could easily be the one.

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