For 2016, the Polaris line-up now includes the all-new 800 RUSH PRO-S “Night Lightning” Limited Edition. This premium, fully equipped limited edition...

     For 2016, the Polaris line-up now includes the all-new 800 RUSH PRO-S “Night Lightning” Limited Edition. This premium, fully equipped limited edition model has special features that include:

 * Rox Adjustable Handlebar Riser
 * Premium Walker Evans Hi/Low Speed
  Compression-Adjustable Shocks
 * Aluminum Handlebars and Carbon Fiber Overstructure
 * Polaris Interactive Digital Display with GPS
 * Black/White Reflective Graphics
 * Black Powder-Coated Tunnel & Painted Rail
 * Electric Start
 * AXYS PRO-FIT Rear Seat Bag
 * Low Black Windshield & Lock & Ride Handguards & New Mounts
 * AXYS Ultimate Front Bumper, Black
 * AXYS Rear Bumper, Black
 * Cobra Track: 120” x 1.352”


      Most notable on this list would be Premium Walker Evans shocks with Hi/Lo Compression Adjustability. These are super-premium shocks with silver anodized shock bodies & piggybacks. Having both high speed and low speed compression damping adjustability they are more tune-able, giving you even greater capability to adjust how your sled rides from the chatter bumps to the roller-style g-bumps to the big moguls – through any terrain.

      Another deviation, or premium upgrade, is found in the track – the 1.352” Cobra. This track delivers superior traction in loose snow, chewed up snow and fresh snow, and is an excellent addition to the limited nature of this model.

      Plain and simple, this sled is going to be one of the most potent machines money can buy for 2016. It delivers incredible big bump capability with razor-sharp handing and explosive acceleration. All of the special limited edition features make it a truly unique machine, and is sure to stand out from the crowd as super-desirable and coveted.


      The all-new (for 2015) 800cc 2-stroke Liberty twin from Polaris has quickly earned a reputation of being a hot motor with wicked midrange throttle response and very long legs on top, getting you to peak velocity in short order. Not only do you get instant launch when you squeeze the happy lever, you also get quiet operation and unbelievable fuel and oil economy, especially for an 800 twin with this much power. Polaris seems to have finally delivered an 800 2-stroke that they can truly be proud of and hang their hat on. This is the engine you always knew they could build, but never did – until now.

      While this model will be available in-season in limited quantities, the best way for a rider to ensure they get to ride this sled was to have ordered it during SnowCheck Select. Retail pricing for this premium limited edition sled is $14,499. If you want one, you’d better act now as they will be gone quickly.

From the November 2015 issue of SnowTech Magazine. (September 2015)

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