2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS 2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS
It is a rare find indeed to be able to have a sled that boasts so much race technology, yet offers stock sled reliability.... 2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS

It is a rare find indeed to be able to have a sled that boasts so much race technology, yet offers stock sled reliability. The Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS has always been a consumer version of the sled that X-Team racers use for the track. That philosophy of taking what works on the race track and using it to make better trail sleds is again proven with the introduction of the rMotion 129” rear suspension on the 2016 X-RS. Racers found that the longer track improves traction, acceleration, braking and bump filtration – yet maintains the precise, easy handling that is the cornerstone of the MXZ.

While the MXZ X-RS already has numerous adjustments to easily dial-in sled dynamics for conditions or riding style (such as the Quick Adjust option for the rMotion rear suspension, or the fully-adjustable KYB PRO 40 shocks), it gets another breakthrough when riders opt for the optional Adjustment Package. In addition to the rMotion Quick Adjust system, it gets the new Pilot TS skis. Turning a knob adjusts the amount of blade-carbide that extends from the ski keel, enabling settings from easy steering to surgically precise. This is not hype or big talk, this is an accurate and true description as these skis will redefine and change what you expect in terms of handling on a snowmobile.

2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS 800

All this high technology is reflected in the new for 2016 premium Hyper Silver/ Sunburst Yellow color scheme. Photos and pictures do not do this sled justice – when you see one on the snow, you will know what it is, and you will know it is special.

The REV-XS RS platform is the industry benchmark for precise trail handling. This is the reinforced racing version of the REV-XS chassis that includes wider running boards, chassis reinforcements and additional rear suspension braces.

Allowing for more aggressive cornering is a forward steering post. This position naturally accommodates a forward, stand-up riding style. It can also be set two inches (5 cm) rearward, just like the other MX Z sleds.

New for 2016 is the rMotion 129” rear suspension. Proven on the MXZx race sled, the new length adds even more performance to the acclaimed rMotion rear suspension. Riders get more traction, better braking and more bump filtration. It also has a four wheel rear axle for strength and durability, making it better suited for studding.

One of the upgrades from a standard MX Z X-package is found in the KYB Pro 40 piggyback racing shocks. These shocks deliver extreme capability and extreme durability for consistent control in the toughest conditions. An Easy Adjust compression damping knob on all four shocks makes adjustments quick and easy, just grab and turn the knob.

Introduced last season on 2015 models, the Ski-Doo RAS 2 front suspension makes a wonderful difference in how the Ski-Doo front suspension and steering acts and feels. It further sharpens the industry’s best handling snowmobiles, but also does so with reduced steering effort. It is almost amazing that something so simple (raising the upper a-arm and tie rod link) could make such an improvement. The new geometry and lighter components increase precision and further stabilize the ride, especially in extreme bumps, and reduces corner roll. When you try a sled with this, you want it.

2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS 800

Racing features include the Brembo brake system with significant stopping power and feel from the Brembo caliper, stainless steel-braided brake line and racing-style brake pads. There’s also a REV-XP X seat, narrow and taller for easier transitioning, yet super comfortable with just the right surface tackiness and 1.3 gal of storage in the rear.

Controls are mounted to an aluminum hooked handlebar, on top of a 5.1” riser block. Bar end hooks add leverage when cornering, with improved control. Transparent handguards project a lightweight theme and their revised shape increases wind protection. They’re ready for (industry-first) LED accent lighting, flip-out mirrors and semi-rigid extensions, all available as accessories.

Under the hood we find the industry-standard for 2-stroke technology; the Rotax 800R E-TEC engine. The industry’s most advanced technology pumps out more than 160 horsepower (based on third-party dyno testing) while delivering up to 19 mpg fuel economy, with excellent oil consumption, an easy throttle pull, linear power delivery and virtually no smoke or smell. Preparing for the off-season is also easy with built-in automatic summerization function.

Just as advanced is the 125 HP 600 H.O. E-TEC engine. This one is the 600 cc-class benchmark for fuel economy, oil economy, smoothness and ease-of-use with up to 21 mpg of fuel economy. Again, it operates with virtually no two-stroke smoke and smell and easy starting.
The popular spring-only Adjustment Package option totally transforms the handling characteristics of the sled for riding style or conditions with unmatched ease with the rMotion Quick Adjust System and the new Pilot TS skis. The rMotion Quick Adjust system consists of running-board-mounted rear suspension spring pre-load and rear shock compression damping controls make fine-tuning fast and easy, even with gloves on. The hydraulic pre-load adjuster increases spring preload adjustment range by 40% compared to traditional torsion spring cam adjuster blocks, giving you an even broader range of adjustability. With infinite settings, the Quick Adjust preload can be tweaked to the rider’s individual preference, style and weight.

2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS 800

With the Pilot TS skis, riders can now literally dial in the amount of ski bite for conditions and riding style. The knob in front of the ski leg raises or lowers the ski runner to any setting over a .5 in./12.5 mm range, giving riders the precise ability to dial in whatever amount of precision, steering effort and handling response they desire. Instantly.

Good thing, as you now have better hook-up in the rear with the new 15 x 129 x 1.25” Ice Ripper XT track. This is a direct derivative of the aggressive RipSaw track with carbide studs embedded in track lugs for added grip in icy conditions.

The MX Z X-RS was only offered during the Spring, in your choice of black or the new Hyper Silver/ Sunburst Yellow. The 800R E-TEC sold for $13,699 and the 600 H.O. E-TEC sold for $12,499. This is as good as it gets.

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