Is the new 2016 XF CrossTrek going to be geared and set up like a ZR or is it geared more like the...

     Dear Ralph:

      Is the new 2016 XF CrossTrek going to be geared and set up like a ZR or is it geared more like the old XF with the longer tracks. I ride a lot of lakes and some trails in Ontario and don’t want to sacrifice any top speed but like the 1.5 Cobra track on this sled with the 9000 engine package. Any insight would be helpful in making my decision on what sled to buy, the ZR 137 or XF CrossTrek.
Thanks. Steve Langfeld
P.S. l love the magazine!

Republished from the September 2015 issue. (Aug 2015)

     I believe it will be closer to a 2015 XF than the 2012s, maybe just slightly lower gearing than a 1.25 track simply because of the extra rubber. When I rode them they felt far more like a 137” XF or ZR than they did the 2012 XF.

     If you are not going to be doing crazy amounts of deep snow you could always gear it up slightly as well, but I don’t think you will have a problem. The 9000 can pull it, no lack of power!

     But, compared to the ZR 137 the CrossTrek will likely be geared slightly lower just to spin the heavier track. With a taller lug track you WILL sacrifice some top speed, by virtue of rotating mass and air resistance, regardless of gearing or clutching or power. Takes more juice to spin a heavier track, period. If top speed is really that important, stay with the lower lug track. Me, I’d take the Cobra for the off-trail, even if it means a couple mph on hard pack. But I do not see it being like the 2012s, they were geared waaay too low when they came out.
P.S. – I plan on riding an 8000 CrossTrek next year.

From the September 2015 issue of SnowTech Magazine.

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