2018 Polaris Titan – A New Breed of Extreme Utility Crossover Sleds 2018 Polaris Titan – A New Breed of Extreme Utility Crossover Sleds
Designed to perform reliably and dependably for riders in the world’s most unforgiving winter locales, the Polaris Titan is a new breed of extreme... 2018 Polaris Titan – A New Breed of Extreme Utility Crossover Sleds

Designed to perform reliably and dependably for riders in the world’s most unforgiving winter locales, the Polaris Titan is a new breed of extreme utility crossover sled with unmatched capabilities and ground-breaking innovations. Built on the Polaris AXYS chassis, it features extreme capabilities including leading carrying and towing capacities, rider comfort features, innovative accessories, and durable, reliable performance in any snow conditions.

Polaris is bent on changing our definition of a “work sled” from this point forward. In fact, their new work sled just might be more of an extreme utility crossover sled than it is a work sled. Introducing the all-new Polaris Titan models.

There are three new Titan models for 2018 – the base model Titan SP, the sporty Titan XC and the fully-featured Titan Adventure. All are AXYS based machines, powered by the wicked 2-stroke Polaris 800 twin and sporting a 155” track length, and all with a 20” wide track. The Titan SP has a 1.375” Cobra lug, the Titan XC features a stiffer 1.8” lug height Cobra, and the Titan Adventure comes with a 1.5” tall Cobra track. Yep, these are bad-ass work sleds on steroids. Or, maybe they are bad-ass crossover sleds that can get some serious work done. Think of it as a crew cab pick-up truck with a wicked motor and big tires, and you start to get the idea.

Let’s step back for a moment and look at why Polaris would introduce sleds like this. About the closest thing in existence right now would be the Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme, powered by their 800R E-TEC and fitted with a 20” x 154” x 1.75” track. Maybe Polaris saw an opportunity to compete with the Expedition Xtreme, but took it to the next level by offering three versions of this kind of ultimate extreme crossover-utility snowmobile. These sleds might have more instant appeal in Europe, Alaska and Canada, but once people figure out what it is capable of it will be in high demand everywhere.

The appeal here is that you can have one single sled that can do so much, and do it well. Deep snow is a complete non-issue with this kind of footprint, providing incredible flotation and traction. We powered through crazy deep snow that had drifted into the ditches around Roseau during our early testing, and never once did we get remotely close to getting stuck. Towing heavy loads is just as easy, as the Titan is fitted with an all-new “Alpha” transmission that allows for towing a load up to 1,200 pounds, giving us a high-low-neutral-reverse capability. We pulled a tow sled with nearly 1,000 pounds in it through deep snow, above and over rough terrain, at slow speeds and at moderately higher speeds, and the Titan doesn’t even flinch, maintaining decent handling as well.

Now for the fun part. You can ride the Titan as a trail sled, too. Damn fast. Yes, it is a long track sled, but the capability this sled gives you to use it as a performance trail sled will blow your mind. It is amazing. Want to take your honey with you? No problem, a quick attach two-up seat drops right onto the sled, in a matter of seconds, and comes off just as quickly. And, it doesn’t consume your cargo space in the process. The rear cargo area is massive, and allows for the mounting of many different cargo boxes and attachments, with a heavy-duty hitch system that gives you the ability to mount just about any type of hitch or towing accessory you could need. Or, maybe a winch? Yep, they have that, too. This thing might be a beast, but it’s an extremely fun beast!

Every Polaris Titan model has a 14-gallon fuel capacity for extended range, a perfect match for the remote areas that the sled will be taken into. Each one features PowderTrac Running Boards, bright LED lights and electric start. The three 2018 Titan models and their distinctive features are:

2018 Polaris Titan SP

800 Polaris Titan SP: This is the base version, durable and reliable fitted with a Ripsaw track with 1.375-in. lugs, Polaris IFP shocks, super-wide high-flotation PRO-FLOAT skis, Polaris MessageCenter instrumentation, and a protective 20” tall windshield. Priced at $12,999 U.S.

2018 800 Polaris Titan XC

800 Polaris Titan XC: This sleek, high-performance model has a Cobra track with aggressive 1.8” lugs, Gripper skis, premium FOX QS3 Clicker Shocks, Polaris MessageCenter instrumentation, and a 13” tall Matte Black windshield. Priced at $13,999 U.S.

2018 Polaris 800 Polaris Titan Adventure

800 Polaris Titan Adventure: This full-featured top-line model has a Lock & Ride Versa Touring Passenger Seat with heated passenger grips and passenger footrests, Lock & Ride Versa Cargo Rack & Cargo Box, tow hitch, mirrors, and Polaris Interactive Digital Display with GPS and maps. It also has premium FOX QS3 shocks, a Cobra track with 1.5” lugs, PRO-FLOAT skis and a 24” high windshield that provides outstanding rider protection. Priced at $14,999 U.S.

2018 Polaris Titan Technology

2018 Polaris Titan Alpha Transmission & Brake System

Titan Alpha Transmission & Brake System
Alpha Transmission
* Durable, reliable transmission provides smooth shifting and drive ranges to suit even the most extreme conditions or situations
* Delivers smooth shifting and 1200-lb. towing capability
* Engineered and built to perform reliably when towing and hauling large loads
* Drive Ranges: High, Low, Reverse, Neutral

Brake System
* Instant braking response for sure slowing and stopping
* Positioned in path of cooling airflow to deliver consistently outstanding performance in all conditions
* High-durability components built to withstand aggressive riding and punishing winter conditions
* Integrated brake with an integrated idler shaft for brake disc
* 4-piston caliper and radial master cylinder

2018 Polaris Titan Versa Storage Platform

Titan Versa Storage Platform
* Innovative, Polaris Titan-exclusive storage system optimizes convenience and security of carrying cargo
* Industry-leading carrying capacity of 85 lb. (38.5 kg.)
* Integrated design allows for maximum storage, with or without passenger seat
* Platform is designed to hold two 5-gal. buckets, ideal for hauling fishing gear, tools, firewood and much more
* Integrated Lock & Ride mounting system to hold accessory cargo box
* Platform includes bars to hold tie-down straps
* Ribbed underside of platform perimeter keeps bungee hooks from sliding

2018 Polaris Titan Cooling System with Radiator

Titan Cooling System with Radiator
* Durable, efficient cooling system and radiator ensures consistently reliable engine operation in even the most extreme conditions
* World’s most-robust performance snowmobile cooling system
* Ensures reliable engine operation when sled is being ridden in extreme or low-snow conditions
* Cooling system includes an efficient radiator with fan
* Radiator is mounted in strategic position for ultimate cooling airflow and minimized snow or debris build-up

2018 Polaris Titan Articulated Rear Suspension

Titan Articulated Rear Suspension
* Delivers a smooth ride on trails, absorbs off-trail bumps and impacts with 16.5 in. of rear travel
* Superior ride and handling
* Suspension geometry is optimized for a smooth ride and predictable towing
* No adjustments required to switch between solo and 2-up riding, or when towing
* Rear section of skid tips up for easy backing over obstacles

2018 Polaris Titan Pro-Float Skis

Titan Pro-Float Skis
* Standard on Polaris Titan ADVENTURE and SP models
* Strong, lightweight PRO-Float Skis provide outstanding off-trail flotation
* Unmatched on- and off-trail steering and control
* Skis are 9.5 in. wide and offer a combined surface area of 410 sq. in., more than 45-percent greater than Polaris PRO-STEER skis
* Skis feature unique dual-stepped-keel design providing more responsive deep snow handling and outstanding handling on the trails
* Up-turned rear edge accommodates backing up over obstacles
* Serrated top of the ski provides traction for a rider’s boot

2018 Polaris Titan Power Boosting Regulator

Power Boosting Regulator
* The Power Boosting Regulator is a new, innovative, electrical power technology adapted from the automotive industry and available exclusively in Polaris Titan snowmobiles.
* Delivers maximum power at idle and low RPMs
* Ensures electrical power for rider comfort and convenience features including heated seats, hand warmers, battery charging and other powered accessories
* Ensures easy starting in all conditions

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