2021 Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000 2021 Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000
A True Mountain Sled for Anyone All new from Arctic Cat for 2021 is the BLAST M 4000. Designed as an intermediate sled for... 2021 Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000

A True Mountain Sled for Anyone

All new from Arctic Cat for 2021 is the BLAST M 4000. Designed as an intermediate sled for the lighter and/or less experienced rider, the BLAST is a lightweight, agile machine. The powerplant of the BLAST is derived from the 800cc Arctic Cat two stoke twin engine currently used in their performance models. The difference is they (basically) split it in half, made some crankcase and cooling system changes, added a counter balance for less vibration and equipped it with electric start. It is a fuel injected 400cc single cylinder engine that is said to make 62 horsepower.

2021 Arctic Cat M 4000
2021 Arctic Cat M 4000

Offered in three different varieties (trail, utility and mountain) the mountain version is what really caught our attention. It is the most unique of the three, filling a void in the marketplace that has existed for at least the past 15 years. As you know, if you truly want to introduce a new person to mountain riding, you need to put them on a capable mountain sled. Unfortunately, until now, that sled did not exist for smaller, lighter, less experienced or timid riders. The BLAST M 4000 truly is a mountain sled. It closely resembles its big brother, the M 8000, but in a smaller, lighter more manageable power package these riders desire. The habits they build on this sled (rider inputs to perform a specific task) cross over near exactly to the larger sleds. So, when and if they are ever ready to move up into a larger sled, they can do so without having to learn how to ride it. Imagine having this sled available to you when you were first introduced to the sport. How much further would you have progressed in your riding skill set? Mountain riding really has evolved into a specific sport requiring much skill acquired through experience.

2021 Arctic Cat M 4000

Young, light and less experienced riders are going to love this new sled. Where larger, more powerful sleds may be intimidating to these riders, this sled is capable without being intimidating. The throttle response is not sharp and abrupt, but instead very predictable and controllable. Even experienced and full-size riders can have a blast on this machine. We were quite surprised at its capability. The only negative is you may need two as this sled is so much fun to ride that no one will want to share. The BLAST M 400 is available in four color choices – Dynamic Charcoal/Orange ($8,095 USD/$10,595 CDN) and a special limited edition Camo/White/Fire Red in one of three options – your choice of American Flag, Canadian Flag or standard Camo/White/Fire Red – priced at $8,195 USD ($10,695 CDN).

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2021 Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000 A true Mountain Sled for Anyone.

2021 Arctic Cat M 4000

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