2024 Polaris – Getting the House in Order 2024 Polaris – Getting the House in Order
Polaris has been wide open on the throttle for the past few years and they have really made a mark in terms of advancing... 2024 Polaris – Getting the House in Order

Polaris has been wide open on the throttle for the past few years and they have really made a mark in terms of advancing technology and creating excitement. From their 2-stroke turbocharged BOOST models, first in deep snow RMK sleds for 2022 and then offered in Trail and Crossover models for 2023, to their race-mod 9R engine package for 2023 and the introduction of their ProStar S4 engine package for 2023, they have been very, very busy.

Bringing this much new product to market so quickly isn’t easy and sometimes takes a toll on the factory’s ability get it all done in a timely manner. Let’s be honest, Polaris suffered here this past season in their ability to get sleds built and delivered. In a sense, we could accurately say they bit off more than they could chew.

2024 Matryx Switchback Assault Boost 146"

2024 Matryx Switchback Assault Boost 146″

Then consider the many recalls and stop rides that have been issued, from the fuel pump stop ride on most every sled they’ve built the past ten+ years to the brake system recall on Matryx RMKs and it has been somewhat messy. We all know this, and they do too. This doesn’t sit well with Polaris, their dealers, or consumers.

So when we get to the 2024 model year it should be no surprise when we tell you Polaris needs to take a breather. They need to regroup, get their act together and get their house in order. Their single biggest problem for model year ‘23 was getting the sleds built and to their consumers in time for the riding season. Some riders have still not taken delivery of their ProStar S4 sleds ordered last year.

2024 Indy Matryx VR1 Boost 137"

2024 Indy Matryx VR1 Boost 137″

The number one item their customers are asking for right now is to get their new sleds on time. That’s why for the 2024 model year the single biggest objective at Polaris is to improve their delivery timing and get the sleds built on time. Period. And the easiest way to do this is to not make a whole bunch of changes to their line-up. They have their hands full building what they already have, so they’re not going to be changing things yet again.

This is why when you look at their 2024 model line-up it is pretty much the same as 2023. There are no new models to speak of, in fact there are some models that have been trimmed from the line-up. There will be no Indy VR1 sleds with the 129” track length. There will be no 3.0” tracks offered in any of the deep snow sleds, RMK or Khaos. There will be no 800cc twins in the Titan models, that engine is now gone. There will be no manual start models in the Trail, Crossover, Sport Utility or Widetrack segments, all of these sleds will only come with electric start. These models or features have been removed from the line-up for 2024. This makes things easier for the assembly line as they can build them all the same way.

2024 Matryx Indy XCR 650 128"

2024 Matryx Indy XCR 650 128″

Perhaps this reality is starting to sink in. There is no XCR Boost or XCR 9R like some of you had hoped for. Instead, Polaris is focusing their time and efforts on improving their quality and timely build and delivery. They need to regain your trust. This is a big deal to them, so much so that if you Snowcheck a new sled they guarantee it will ship from their factory by the end of November or you get a $1,500 refund off your purchase price. That is huge.

This isn’t to say there are no changes for 2024 as there are many improvements, but the focus again is to build what they already have, to build them better and build them on time.

Polaris 7S Display

Polaris 7S Display

Two of the biggest reasons people have been buying Polaris snowmobiles during Snowcheck has been to get the wildly popular 7S color display and to get their custom color options, something that Polaris knows and is expanding with five new colorways across their Snowcheck program for 2024. These are premium 3-stage paint finishes that are truly high-end luxury features and something that only Polaris can deliver with their state of the art painting capability at their Roseau plant. Buyers like the ability to have all of the color options to choose from, and they like their 7S color displays. This is now as high on the list of desirable features as engine choices or shock packages. Each year the 7S gets additional features and functionality and for 2024 it gets better once again with bug fixes to address map crashes and Bluetooth connection issues.

2024 Polaris Matryx Switchback Assault Boost 146"

2024 Polaris Matryx Switchback Assault Boost 146″


As we review the Trail and Crossover line-up for 2024 there are no major changes or differences, just many smaller quality improvements. Things like the 7S display improvements, improved exhaust pipe shell crimping to reduce rattling and shell noises, upgraded oil caps to reduce leakage, anti-fog coating on headlights to reduce moisture build-up for improved function and visibility and softer durometer grommets on the 1/4 turn body panel fasteners for easier turning in colder conditions. Some of these actually started as running changes during the 2023 build.

2024 Matryx Indy XCR 850 128"

2024 Matryx Indy XCR 850 128″

Other than the Indy VR1 sleds only coming in 137” lengths with no 129” models for 2024 the Indy and Switchback line-up is the same as before. We have four levels of performance and features for four price levels for Indy and three levels for Switchback. XCR and Assault are on top, with the XCR getting hi-lo adjusters on the Walker Evans shocks all around.  Indy VR 1 is the premium model offering, with Indy XC and Switchback XC being the standard. On the value end we have Indy SP and Switchback SP, both fitted with aluminum body IFP shocks all around but no adjusters. All engine packages return in the same models as before. 

2024 Indy Matryx VR1 Boost 137"

2024 Indy Matryx VR1 Boost 137″

When we look at the deep snow side, we again find the same structure and model offering as 2023. Perhaps the biggest news is the introduction of a new 3.25” lug height Series 9 track for extreme deep snow applications. This track replaces all of their 3.0” lug height tracks and is available on Boost and 9R Snowcheck models in the 155” and 165” lengths. Chris Burant likes it so much he wants it on all of his sleds up at Colorado, and he tells us it is superior in that “it does not trench” like all of the other tracks. This new track comes with no weight penalty but is very specifically intended for those who ride exclusively in deep snow; to the point it comes with a 50 mph warning and you are NOT to use it at speeds of over 50 mph when heading to the playground. This track is NOT for trails, it is NOT for crossover sleds, it is NOT for high speed operation, it is purpose built for one thing – creating lift and moving forward in the deepest snow. If you can follow two simple rules it will provide the same durability as their current tracks; you must use the scratchers when on the trail and not exceed 50 MPH. If you do go faster the sled will display a warning on the gauge in the dash and the ECU will record the data of you going faster than specified. You all know where this is going; if you ignore the warnings and the track throws lugs they will have the proof that you were an idiot. Figure it out.

3.25" lug height series 9 track for extreme deep snow conditions

3.25″ lug height series 9 track for extreme deep snow conditions

3.25" lug height series 9 track for extreme deep snow conditions

All of the mountain sleds will also be coming with new reversible ice scratchers. This is a single coil rail-mounted design with the scratcher angled to direct the snow spray right into the track and rails for excellent cooling of the hyfax and heat exchanger. These new scratchers should be backwards compatible with most any and every RMK built since 2011.

2024 PRO RMK Slash 850 155″

2024 PRO RMK 9R Slash 155"

2024 PRO RMK 9R Slash 155″

We also see the same quality improvements as the Trail and Crossover sleds along with additional ones in the braking system for the deep snow machines, something that was addressed with a stop ride recall to deal with brake drag and riders who like to have a finger or two covering the brakes at all times. The deep snow sleds get two new pieces of hardware to address these concerns, a new lighter weight brake rotor with increased venting capability to improve heat dissipation and a new high retraction brake caliper to help with the inadvertent brake drag. This will help keep the brake pads slightly further away from the disc and require an ever so slightly more amount of brake lever travel to get pad to disc contact.

2024 Matryx RMK KHAOS Boost Slash 155

In many respects we have to applaud Polaris for recognizing the fact they had accelerated their development program so far and so fast their manufacturing end couldn’t keep up with the demand for all of this new technology. It takes a lot of discipline to admit mistakes like this and to take the steps to get back on track. We all know the covid fiasco caused huge disruptions in the supply chain and their ability to get all the parts and pieces required to build sleds, but they did not mention covid once during their new model presentation. They simply stated they needed to get the product quality back to where it should be and they needed to get the machines built and out the door in a timely fashion. They have very good snowmobiles with an incredible product line up and options. They’re going to take a breather to get their house back into order, and for that we can all be thankful. It gives the competition a chance to catch up some, but it is really difficult to hold the throttle wide open all of the time. With all of the new colorways for 2024 the sleds will look different and they will likely sell every single one they can possibly build anyways, so all is good. People want their sled built right and on time, and they should get that. 

2024 PRO RMK Boost Slash 165″

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