2018 Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Driveline Update
Ski-Doo recently announced several driveline changes for their 2018 models. Changes to these 2018 models include; * Finned fixed pDrive sheave – (improved heat dissipation and cooling) * Revised CVT Calibration – (improved belt traction, less heat generation) * New drive belt – (longer lasting, better heat resistance) *... Read more
SNOPRO 1974 – Does Racing Improve the Breed?
It’s hard to believe but 43 years ago this past fall the snowmobile world was abuzz with a new race series called SnoPro. We all recognize SnoPro as the name used by Arctic Cat on a number of its sleds, but in reality the label “SnoPro” was proposed by... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS
The “Tour de Force” of Crossover Sleds When Ski-Doo introduced their new Gen 4 REV platform last season, Ski-Doo riders everywhere immediately knew there was a new standard being set with the next-generation REV platform, powered by an all-new 850 E-TEC 2-stroke powerhouse. But, as with so many new... Read more
First Ride!  2018 Ski-Doo Summit X & Freeride
By Jerry Matthews / SnowTech Western Test Staff – When we were invited to the Ski-Doo Sneak Peak of the 2018 mountain models back in December, we wondered what Ski-Doo had up there sleeve that was important enough for us to head up to CKMP (Carl Kuster Mountain Park)... Read more
Track Length and Lug Height – What’s Right for You?
In a world where track length and lug height on mountain sleds have been steadily increasing, and with so many options currently available, it leaves snowmobilers wondering, “What’s right for me?”. Choosing the proper track length and lug height for your riding style and snow conditions is critical to... Read more
2018 Polaris – Growing the AXYS Family
We will be the first to admit that we really didn’t know what to expect for 2018 Polaris. They had introduced their new AXYS platform for 2015 on their short-tracked RUSH and Switchback models, followed by the strong following of the AXYS RMK models for 2016, and then filled... Read more
2018 Yamaha
Looking at the snowmobile line-up from Yamaha for 2018, it quickly becomes evident that this is the land of the turbocharger. Their Sidewinder models were so popular for 2017 that they have been expanded out to a total of 18 different versions. Yes, you can choose from 18 different... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat – The Wait Is Over
Arctic Cat just couldn’t wait any longer. The much anticipated and long-overdue Dual Stage Injection 800 two-stroke is finally here, and it rocks. We’ve been talking about this engine for a couple of years now, actually all the way back to when the DSI 600 was first introduced. The... Read more
2003 BLADE OutLaw
Bad-Ass V-Twin Snowmobile that Never Made it to Production Back fifteen years ago (in 2002), BLADE Snowmobiles (of FAST M-10 fame) was preparing to release their OutLaw™ snowmobile, powered by a torquey, four-stroke, American made V-Twin from S&S CYCLE, Inc. The OutLaw had a rather unique appearance with somewhat... Read more
1974 Mercury Sno-Twister
When the history of snowmobile racing is written there will be a select few sleds that will be recognized for totally dominating the competition. The 1974 Sno-Twister was just such a sled. It arrived at the time when Mercury Marine had decided to go racing after manufacturing sleds that... Read more