2019 Ski-Doo
For 2019 Ski-Doo comes with two new engines and more Gen4 models. With Ski-Doo selling twice as many sleds as any other manufacturer, they show no sign of letting off the throttle for 2019. This momentum follows the release of their newest platform, the Gen4 REV, for 2017 which... Read more
Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE 141″ – 2,000 Mile Test Report
Yamaha’s 50/50 Crossover Powerhouse For the 2019 season we got our hands on a Yamaha Sidewinder XTX LE 141” with the 1.75” lug Backcountry X track. I’ll have to admit, this was my first full winter on a 4-stroke. A few years back Yamaha came out with the “different... Read more
Polaris Indy XC 850 – 1,200 Mile Test Report
As I drove the Indy XC 850 onto the trailer after my last ride of the season, I sat listening to the rumble of that big twin idling and then turned the key off. We all know that moment when we have just completed our last ride of the... Read more
Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Turbo first ride video – Jerry Mathews / SnowTech Western Editor
SnowTech Western Editor Jerry Mathews had a unique opportunity to ride the all new Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Turbo on Jan 13th just hours before the sled was released to the public. Here is a quick first ride report from the field – more to come soon, and look for... Read more
Ski-Doo Summit 850 E-TEC Turbo
A Historic Moment for Snowmobiling Thinking back over the history of snowmobiling we can all think of some epic moments in history where new sleds or technology came along that, looking back, can truly be identified as game-changing. Sleds like the Polaris TX-L Indy back in 1980 with its... Read more
2020 Ski-Doo Renegade Sport 600 ACE
– A Budget Friendly Trail Sled Great winter experiences with friends and family don’t have to cost a lot. Riders looking for a comfortable, confident ride down the trail or off the beaten path need look no further than the new Renegade Sport. With its hard-to-miss sweet spot for... Read more
YAMAHA Sidewinder SRX LE
1,183 Mile Test Report – During the last days of January 2019 I picked up a brand new Sidewinder SRX LE with 0 km’s to embark on a saddlebag trip through Central and Northern Ontario. I added a tall windshield and saddlebags and hit the trail, logging 1,906 km... Read more
Polaris PRO-RMK 850 163″ Project Sled
“The Evil Twin” Take a stroll down memory lane and you will find that most snowmobilers modified their sleds at one point in time. Through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it was common to find machines with twin or triple pipes because after all, it was important to be... Read more
1971 Ski-Doo Blizzard
The anticipation every fall for the upcoming race season is shared by race fans and manufacturers alike, to finally get a look at the new race sleds. Today that unveiling happens at Haydays, but back in the fall of 1970 the race fan would catch their first glimpse in... Read more
2020 Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme: 750 Mile Test Report
Sport Utility with an Attitude What kind of sled is that? Time and time again, that was exactly what people would ask us. They’d never seen a sled quite like this before. It looked like a 4-stroke, but sounded like a 2-stroke. And then there was the intimidating track... Read more
2021 Arctic Cat Blast – Hit or Miss?
Time for the truth. Will the new 2021 Arctic Cat BLAST models be a huge hit, lukewarm performers or a total flop? Several have tried similar approaches. Sleds like the Ski-Doo Freestyle, Yamaha Phazer, Yamaha Sno-Scoot and Polaris Indy Lite are some of the first that come to mind.... Read more