20% Less At Altitude!

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: I believe there is one important factor affecting compression that you neglected to mention in your Winter Issue “Dear Ralph” column: ALTITUDE. Here in Idaho Falls, (4600 ft above sea level) we get compression numbers approximately 20% less than the sea level numbers published in the shop... Read more

XLT Spring In A 500?

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: Just read your column about a problem a guy was having with a secondary clutch springs that was too stiff for the sled it was installed on. It was very informative and solved a problem that I have been having with my wife’s sled (Indy 440) for... Read more

VForce Carb Changes?

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: I have purchased a set of Delta VForce Reeds for a stock ’96 ZRT 600. I have had all of the updates performed and I am wondering what carburetor changes are needed so that I have the same fuel-air mixture that the sled originally came with. Len... Read more

Pops & Backfires

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: My sled has one cylinder that is laying down under mid-range operation. It doesn’t completely fall off to one cylinder, but it kind of pops and backfires. The situation will occasionally resolve itself after about an hour of running, or putting in fresh plugs normally cures it.... Read more

That One Second Bog

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph, I have a 1996 XCR 600 SP and I’ve done everything that I know to get rid of that one second bog at the beginning of acceleration. I have rejetted, put in Q-8’s (needle jets) and changed needles – installed the almond spring in the drive clutch... Read more
Dear Ralph: A friend of mine bought a used ’95 EXT 580 this year. He is having an awful time trying to handle the sled. It doesn’t want to turn. He has installed new ski skins and carbide runners, but it didn’t help at all. We have adjusted the... Read more

750 to 800?

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph, I plan to re-ring my ’93 750 Storm. I’m thinking about boring it to 800cc. The question is: does the ’93 750 have the same case and cylinder as the ’94 800 Storm? If it is the same, can I resleeve to an 800 or is there... Read more
Dear Ralph, I am replying to two letters that were featured in the October/November 97 issue of SnowTech. While you had some good points, I feel that you left out some critical information in your responses. First, in regards to Kyle Ohnstad’s questions about the ’93 750 Storm- Wiseco... Read more
Dear Ralph, I own a 1981 440 Yamaha. My problem is that it takes about 40 pulls to start the thing. It’s not flooding, there is no carbon on the plugs and it seems to have a fair amount of compression. It seems to start better when it is... Read more
Dear Ralph, A friend is turbocharging a ZRT 800 and we might need a bit more fuel from the power jets than what we’re using. What do the numbers on Mikuni jets (main and power) really indicate? Does it have anything to do with hole diameter, flow rate in... Read more