C&A Pro Skis has just released its latest performance product to the snowmobile industry, the XCS (aka Xtreme Crossover Ski). With machines...

     C&A Pro Skis has just released its latest performance product to the snowmobile industry, the XCS (aka Xtreme Crossover Ski). With machines getting faster, lighter, and stronger there has been a need for a performance snowmobile ski that can dominate both on and off trail. C&A delivers with the XCS. They have tested this new design across a wide range of locations and have proven the XCS is everything that today’s crossover rider is looking for – and more.


      The XCS’s optimal width of 6.75” provides ample off trail floatation, and firm footing on the trail. The outboard keels help alleviate trail darting and deliver extra floatation in deep snow. This is a key feature for straight tracking on rutted trails, with the keels on the far edges of the skis acting like a second and third runner, in addition to the center carbide runner. The tendency of the center runner following the ruts in the trail (and darting) is greatly reduced, providing a far more confident machine in these conditions. It also presents a runner edge to the snow as the ski is tilted going through a corner, especially in instances where the center runner might lift up and away from the ground. The result is a ski that tracks straighter and gives the rider more confidence in their cornering ability, without a high amount of steering effort.

      The second feature that provides real-world benefits are the traction scoops on both sides of the center keel. This well-designed feature keeps the XCS planted on the snow and gripping the corners where other skis would lift.

      C&A left nothing out for the rider whose machine is used in low elevation and occasional trips to the mountains. Integrated boot traction ridges are on both sides of the saddle for when the going gets deep and the rider needs a sturdy place to stand, with boot traction to keep from slipping. Additionally, riders can reverse with ease and back out of situations with XCS’s tall tail section. The raised nature of the tail section also aids in side-hilling, preventing this area from digging into the snow.

      This new XCS ski is replacing the existing XTX ski in the C&A Pro line-up for 2016. C&A Pro Skis provide the most flexible and indestructible snowmobile skis on the market because they are made of durable ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material (UHMW-PE) combined with compression molded technology. No kidding, when you want the most durable ski there is, look no further. These are the skis used by SnowTech Magazine test riders in extreme riding conditions where ski durability is of great concern. The inherent strength and performance of these premium skis makes them the choice of professional riders everywhere. C&A provides a full range of snowmobile skis to accommodate the various riding preferences of racing, mountain, crossover and trail.

      C&A Skis are available through power sports dealers or online at www.caproskis.com. Learn more by visiting the web or contacting them via phone 888-321-6789 or email sales@caproskis.com. C&A Pro Skis has its headquarters and manufacturing in Hutchinson, Minnesota and is a division of Pride Solutions LLC.

From the November 2015 issue of SnowTech Magazine. (September, 2015)


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