Dear Ralph: I have an ’02 ZR 600 Cross Country EFI that isn’t running very well. I was told by a buddy to check...

Dear Ralph:
I have an ’02 ZR 600 Cross Country EFI that isn’t running very well. I was told by a buddy to check the LED on the side of the ECU to determine the error code. It flashes six times, but I don’t know what this means. Is there any way you can help me out with this? Thanks a lot!
Chuck Weet

Yes, Arctic Cat throttle-body EFI systems on their two-strokes are equipped with a self-diagnostic function that displays a number of LED flashes that give the technician and sled tuner an indication of what kind of problem is being detected. Each particular code sequence means something different. (Newer models display a similar numeric code on the LCD gauge, using a combination of digits to indicate the error condition.)
You state you witnessed six flashes. This information is vital to diagnose the condition that the ECU is detecting. This indicates a problem with the servo motor or its wiring. It is likely the servo motor is not indexing properly at start up, and could be a matter of the cables falling off, not being adjusted properly, an actual problem with the servo motor itself, or most likely a problem with the wiring. A specific problem we’re aware of is with the connection between the servo motor and the engine wiring harness where the black wire with red stripe works its way out of the wiring harness on the engine side, which causes this code to be displayed.
Arctic Cat documentation for your specific model will provide you with a list of all the codes and what they mean, but in this case it wasn’t in the book for your sled, we had hand-written notes as the APV system was new at that time. Traditionally, a single flash indicates a problem with the TPS, two flashes is the water temp sensor, three flashes is the air temp sensor, four flashes is the barometric pressure sensor, and five flashes is an injector problem. Six flashes is the APV servo motor.

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