2006 Arctic Cats saw some changes to their clutching system, with the addition of larger diameter secondary clutches on some models. The Firecats and 900s were fitted with the larger secondary, but they also received a smaller diameter primary clutch as well. According to Arctic Cat, this was done... Read more
Now in its third full season of being offered in the REV platform, the Ski-Doo Summit Adrenaline gets even better. Lighter is always better in the minds of mountain sled riders, and Ski-Doo mountain sled engineers have been looking at ways to reduce the weight of the Summit models... Read more
Some riders want the fastest. Some want to climb to the highest points. Others want the best cornering. And a large number want to be comfortable. They want the best ride quality available, a sled that will soak up the bumps on a weekend afternoon, or on a several... Read more
For 2006, Polaris has an all-new line-up of IQ chassis Switchback models with two 2-stroke engines; a seriously re-worked Cleanfire Liberty 900 and a screaming 600 H.O. with carbs that is 15% cleaner than the industry baseline. Gone are the Switchback EDGE models. We give Polaris credit for starting... Read more
Last season Yamaha introduced their 120 HP three-cylinder 4-stroke in the RS Vector, and all of a sudden 4-stroke became mainstream. Instead of being an oddity or a hyper-powered rocket, the RS Vector was aimed at the heart of the market, the 120 HP class. Owners went wild with... Read more
Normally it goes something like this. You really like how fast and easy to maneuver (throw around) your Firecat is, but you sure would like to have reverse. And being able to carry a bunch of gear would be nice. If the suspension was a bit smoother, that wouldn’t... Read more
For 2006 Arctic Cat is returning to the track with what they hope is the toughest, most durable Sno Pro 440 to date. The 2006 Sno Pro 440 claims to deliver an unmatched power-to-weight ratio in a chassis that will provide better cornering and suspension capabilities. Arctic Cat race... Read more