The all-new 2008 Yamaha FX Nytros are true big-bump, rough trail rider-forward four-strokes. Fitted with a stiff chassis and capable suspensions, the FX Nytro truly brings four-stroke performance to an all-new level. And, they keep getting lighter. With the introduction of the Yamaha Phazer last year, it became clear... Read more
Ski-Doo really had a big task facing them. With the REV taking the industry by storm back in 2003, it had risen to the top of the world and it was five years into its cycle. The other sled makers were catching up, and passing it in some regards,... Read more
The Arctic Cat F-Series machines demonstrate what happens when a sled is given a strong chassis for the suspensions to work under, and how the handling and ride character of a snowmobile can be influenced by placing the rider in a centered position. The Twin Spar chassis found on... Read more
With the realignment of model names for 2008, the Yamaha Phazer FX of 2007 is now called the Phazer RTX. The RTX is positioned as the “rough trail performance” version of the Phazer, which has enhanced capability with the addition of Fox FLOAT Airshox in the front suspension and... Read more
Just like all of the other 2008 MX Z models, the all-new MX Z Renegade gets what amounts to the most comprehensive make-over ever when it comes to a snowmobile re-design with the REV-XP platform. About all that’s left over from last year are the engines, primary clutch, skis... Read more
When Polaris finds something that works, they expand upon it and run with it. Like their “Dragon” packages. Last year, the Dragon 700 was somewhat limited in availability, but nowhere short on performance and capability. The 700 CFI motor was getting all of the running quality issues worked out... Read more