<B>Expanding the 4-Stroke Family</b> Even though snowmobile sales have declined the past several years, Yamaha has been able to increase their sales and gain market share. The way they have it figured, their growth will continue. Here’s the logic; there are 1.6 million registered sleds in the US. Only... Read more
4-Stroke 1200 Under 500 pounds! Last year Ski-Doo shocked the world with their MX Z TNT that weighed 399 pounds! The sled wasn’t a fan-cooled cheater, it was a liquid-cooled 500SS (actually a big-block 600) that propelled the lightweight sled with authority, and provided Ski-Doo riders with an unfair... Read more
Back in the Saddle 2009 marks the return of the performance trail sleds from Polaris. We’re talking the bread and butter, the meat of the line-up. Last year, Polaris only offered us a 700 IQ, which was kind of a head scratcher. Not to worry, they’ve made up for... Read more
Here’s a new twist on the Polaris IQ platform – the Dragon SP models, offered in your choice of the industry-leading 600 H.O. Cleanfire or 800 H.O. Cleanfire Liberty two-stroke twins. These truly are “special” models, fitted with the latest and greatest Polaris has to offer. The nose of... Read more
Consider the Yamaha FX Nytro RTX SE to be “the best of the best” when it comes to buying your very own Yamaha snocross sled. This is as close as you can get to what Yamaha factory riders run on the race track, and only a very few lucky... Read more
This is the sled we’ve all come to know as the “Jaguar”, but for 2009 it’s simply called the Z1. Not to be confused with the new turbocharged version for 2009, this is the proven rock-solid 1056cc EFI parallel twin four-stroke that delivers a solid 125 HP with a... Read more
We’ve been pretty vocal about how much the SnowTech test riders like the Arctic Cat F8 as an outstanding trail sled. When the trails get rough, the F8 really shines. For 2009, the team at Thief River has seriously tweaked the chassis and suspensions, giving the F-series sleds a... Read more
It is amazing what happens when you drop a 152 HP engine into a chassis that weighs about 430 pounds. You end up with a power to weight ratio of only 2.8 pounds per horsepower, yet you get stock-sled reliability! And the kicker here is the stunning fuel economy... Read more
Mountain riders have been testing the limits of production mountain sleds for years, and often resort to custom-building a machine that is capable of doing what they want a sled to be able to do. Often, this amounted to taking an old race sled and building it into a... Read more
Looking for a lower-cost snowmobile that screams “value” and gives you outstanding fuel economy? Look no further, as the 2009 Yamaha Phazer GT is one of the better values in snowmobiling. The Phazer GT is the “groomed trail” version of the Phazer models, fitted with features that make it... Read more