Belly Pan Cleaner

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2009 0
Dear Ralph: Tell us again what kind of stuff you have found to be the better method of cleaning bright colored belly pans of soil marks and the exhaust residue. I know you’ve tried like twenty different things over the years, what do you grab now when you need... Read more

Wet Gear

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2009 1
Dear Ralph: How do you propose keeping gear from getting wet? I’m referring to the stuff we pack into the trunk of a sled, or into a gear bag on the back of the sled. It seems like we always have our stuff getting soaked by the end of... Read more

Best Track?

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2009 0
Dear Ralph: We’re going to put you on the spot here. Since you guys ride all of the new sleds every year, and have a fleet of current stuff that you get thousands and thousands of miles on, you get to see and try more stuff in one season... Read more
Dear Ralph: Help settle an argument – how much does the windshield effect top speed of a sled? Thanks! John D. Indiana Actually by quite a bit, many miles per hour in fact. It is all about wind resistance and frontal area being presented to the air and the... Read more

Ethanol Jumper

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2009 1
Dear Ralph: I have a 2003 Arctic Cat Firecat 700 EFI Sno Pro that has a switch for Regular or Ethanol fuel. My question is if I have a tank of Regular gas and burn up half of it and then add gas with Ethanol in it (so I... Read more

Tippy Sled

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2009 0
Dear Ralph: I’ve noticed in the past few years how you talk about the longer travel suspensions adding to the tippy handling. Like your old 1997 Yamaha SX700, lower to the ground and it corners like it is on rails. What can a guy do with a newer sled... Read more

Clunky Cat

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2009 0
Dear Ralph: I have a 2006 Crossfire 700 with 2500 miles on it and my question relates to the engagement of the clutch when I hammer on the throttle.  There is a slight clunking noise that does not sound normal.  I have heard from some others that this can... Read more

Parts For Pumps

"Dear Ralph" December 15, 2007 2
Dear Ralph: I have a 1993 Polaris XLT. My problem is the water pump was leaking, so I removed it to check it out. The main seal was bad, so I called my Polaris dealer and he told me the only fix was to replace the entire pump assembly... Read more

heavy stearing

"Dear Ralph" December 15, 2007 0
Dear Ralph: The steering seems really heavy on my sled. I mean the handlebars are hard to turn, and I really haven’t done much to it other than replace the wear bars. I’m afraid to change any of the settings because I don’t want to screw-up my new sled... Read more
Melting Switches Dear Ralph: I’ve got an older Polaris Pro-X that keeps melting the high-beam switch. I haven’t installed higher powered headlights or anything, but it has happened so many times that I now carry a spare switch with me where ever I go. Any suggestions? Kirk Binder Kalamazoo,... Read more