Snowmobiling’s #1 Enemy
Ask most anyone involved with the creation and maintenance of snowmobile trails on private land and they will tell you the biggest threat to our interconnected trail system is trespassing. Snowmobile riders, more and more each year, venture off the groomed path in places where it is strictly forbidden.... Read more
Off Trail Snowmobile Trespassing: “The Devil Made Me Do It”
The snowmobile industry has had long track mountain sleds for many years, at least 25 years by my best guess if we go by the introduction of the Ski-Doo Summit in 1994. Long track sleds are like a big snowshoe in that they provide greater flotation which is very... Read more
Why the Trails Weren’t Open
The old-timers warned us it would happen someday. The calendar said December and the weather map showed a great big storm had dumped all kinds of snow up north. Figuring this would be just like any other year out of the past 50, we loaded up our sleds and... Read more
The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

Editorials February 22, 2019 31
Having been involved in the sport for over 50 years now, we’ve seen the growth and rapid rise to fame of snowmobiling and are now witness to what could very well be our demise. Over the years we’ve fought and conquered many battles, from government emissions regulations to rising... Read more
All The Gear, All The Time
Today I will ask each of you a very simple question – when you go snowmobiling, why do you strap on a helmet? Most likely the answer would be because of the risk of head injury while out riding. Maybe you haven’t given it much thought and strapping on... Read more
Help Wanted
Before you get all excited and send in your test rider resume to our office, you need to understand something. Your help is both wanted and needed, but not here at the magazine. Instead, the sport of snowmobiling wants you and needs you. Actually, you need each other –... Read more
Volunteers – The Unsung Heroes of Snowmobiling
I’ve learned over the years that during the course of your life you pretty much come across two basic types of people – positive and negative. For the most part, just about everyone you ever meet will fit into one of these two basic categories. Some people make things... Read more
Snowmobiling’s Hidden Opportunities
Believe it or not, some of the best riding you will ever find could be lurking just before you and you didn’t even know it. Seriously. There are so many hidden opportunities out there that it will blow your mind when you find them. For starters, snowmobilers tend to... Read more
Snowmobiling Off Trail – Public or Private?
So you’re riding on a groomed trail and you see some inviting land off trail that begs to be tracked up. We’ve all been there, over and over again. Every one of us likes to tear up the fresh, untracked snow. Before you peel off the trail and tear... Read more
A Passionate Bunch
All you have to do is go to one of the big time snowmobile shows in the fall and just stand there and listen to people. It is some of the best entertainment there could possibly be. We have a crazy bunch of people who not only paid good... Read more