Sled Build Project Honors US Air Force Col. Jerry Driscoll
By Jason Gehrman – Since I was a small child I have read the pages you have created, I have lived, loved and learned from the sport of snowmobiling more than I ever thought possible. Other than my wife, son and daughter it has been my true love since... Read more
Late Updates to 2017 Ski-Doo Models
BRP continually engineers and develops products for maximum performance and reliability right up to their production in an effort to provide customers with the best possible ownership experience. With this in mind, here are some of the latest changes and updates that have been made to the 2017 Ski-Doo... Read more
Dale Daudt of Jenkins, Minnesota says; “I am writing in response to John in Connecticut with the clutch engagement problem on his 2007 Ski-Doo MX Z 500SS with electric start (Dear Ralph ‘It Ain’t Right’ March 2008). I have experienced the very same problem from 0-10 mph. I installed... Read more

No Oil Shortage

Feedback December 1, 2008 0
Don’t believe what you read and hear about the so-called shortage of oil. The good old USA has plenty of oil, and a huge amount of it is in North Dakota. Didn’t hear about that yet? You should be asking why not. America is sitting on top of a... Read more

2007 IQ Oil Consumption

Feedback November 20, 2007 0
SnowTech Technical Consultant Randy Sturm alerted us that Polaris had issued a service bulletin in regards to the subject of excessive oil consumption on 2007 IQ 600 CFI models, like we had discussed in the “Dear Ralph” section of our April 2007 issue. If you have a 2007 Polaris... Read more
In the March 2007 issue on Page 10 in the “Feedback” section in a blurp titled “Monoshock Set-up” we referred to some Charts from the Yamaha Snowmobile Technical Update manual – Here they are in JPG format along with the write up from the March issue: Dear SnowTech: In... Read more
SnowTech reader Greg Ankofski provided valuable information in regards to installing a set of Boyesen reeds into a Rotax Series III engine; “Just got done reading (in the March issue) about the guy with the 2005 REV 600 using Boyesen reeds having the bogging problem. I know from first... Read more
Ski-Doo has revised their Pilot 5.7 skis, with reinforcements added to strategic locations, including the thickness on the outside edge just in front of the outer carbide runner. This is certain to improve durability and strength of the otherwise well-mannered skis. When it comes time to replace the Pilot... Read more

Ski-Doo Hyfax Removal

Feedback November 15, 2006 6
Doug Stangl of Winnepeg, Manitoba shared with us his method of removing hyfax (sliders) from a Ski-Doo with small track windows; “I have found that if I raise the back end of the sled off the ground, remove the back two bolts from the skid and let it drop... Read more
Contest winners included (left to right) Stephen Coady of Burlington, ON; David Brohman of Hamilton, ON; Darlene and Steve Forestell of Campbellford, ON. At the end of March, when most every trail in the lower 48 had melted and turned to slush, a small group of lucky snowmobilers continued... Read more