Sled GPS Kits for Ski-Doo
Here is an affordable package to add a large color GPS screen to the dash of your late-model Ski-Doo. Offered by a company called Sled GPS, these fully customized kits can also be pre-programmed with trail maps to suit your needs. The Sled GPS kits utilize a 6” Garmin... Read more
REV Gen4 Clutch Alignment Tools
Proper clutch alignment is very important for belt life and performance. The standard procedure is to align the clutches with a small amount of misalignment or skew at zero load and hope when under load the motor is pulled into the correct alignment. This procedure worked okay for years... Read more
Pocket Ox Mini-Hoist
ATV and UTV riders are far more familiar with mounting a winch to their machine, simply because they are heavier machines that do tend to get stuck. Where with a snowmobile, they are somewhat lighter machines and typically with the help of a friend or two we can usually... Read more
Patrick Custom Carbon Drive and Driven Clutch Mods
There are aftermarket parts and then there are super High-end aftermarket parts. Carbon Fiber generally falls into the second category so when we got the chance to try a set of highly modified, precision balanced Polaris Clutches with Carbon fiber goodies installed we did what any motor head would... Read more
Woody’s Hookup Traction Guide
Discover the best traction setup for your snowmobile based on its year, make, & model using the Woody’s Hookup Traction Guide. This innovative tool is the only one of its kind in the snowmobile traction industry, and has been designed by Woody’s to recommend the perfect balance of traction... Read more
FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3-R:  OEM Ski-Doo Accessory
While chatting with Ski-Doo backcountry ambassador Tony Jenkins in late 2017 he had mentioned a new shock package from Fox that he had been testing in conjunction with Ski-Doo. The shocks would be sold as an accessory through Ski-doo dealers and be available for the REV G4 Summit machines.... Read more
Quick Lock Handlebar Storage System
Check out the first quick-attach, modular handlebar storage system! With the help of some of the industry’s most innovative people, Sled Solutions has taken their very popular Deluxe Carry All and developed the new Quick Lock, an exclusive mounting system. Mix and match bag sizes, run one bag or... Read more
FXR Redesigns  Tactic Boot for 2018
Industry apparel leader FXR has redesigned their Tactic Dual Zone Boot for the 2018 season. Engineered for the rider that demands the highest level of support, impact protection and warmth the all-new Tactic Boot has been redesigned with an emphasis on better vertical boot flex. This has been done... Read more
2018 Crazy Mountain Xtreme Bike Kit
Crazy Mountain Motorsports started building sleds in 1991 because they knew they could build a better snowmobile for back country mountain riding than what the major manufacturers were producing. High-quality, high performance, light weight, efficiency and reliability were, and still are, the goals for building Crazy Mountain Xtreme (CMX)... Read more
New Linq Adapter Brackets
We’ve been carrying the LinQ cargo bags and fuel caddie’s on sleds of all brands, thanks to the innovative adapter brackets from Up North Technologies. Since Ski-Doo sleds have a wider tunnel width (to accommodate the 16” wide track option) the spacing required to mount LinQ accessories is wider... Read more