X3 Triple Linq Adapter for Ski-Doo Gen 4 Summit
Here is an interesting solution to a compromise that Ski-Doo Summit riders have been faced with. Even though the longer Summit models (kind of) have a third LinQ position at the tail of the sled, it can ONLY be used with Ski-Doo’s latest version of their LinQ Slim Waterproof... Read more
Curve XS Skis
One of the popular options in aftermarket skis comes from Curve Industries – the Curve XS. Previously previewed in SnowTech Magazine several years ago, the Curve XS skis continue to gain attention as being one of the preferred replacement skis for those seeking more predictable and precise handling from... Read more
Klutch GTX BOA Boot
One of the most popular boots ever offered to snowmobilers has been the Adrenaline GTX boot from KLIM. This boot, while seeing redesigns over the years, has been a favorite of riders everywhere simply due to the versatility, comfort, grip and overall performance. While KLIM has offered several other... Read more
Magnum Force Ultra Clutch Weights for Ski-Doo 850 Turbo
With a brand new engine package comes brand new opportunities to customize and improve upon the performance. One such opportunity before us is the incredible new 850 Turbo package found in Ski-Doo Summit and FreeRide models this year. With the limited build introduction last winter, performance shops like Starting... Read more
Renegade 137” to 146” Extension Kits
Get the best of both worlds – keep the wide front end of your Ski-Doo Renegade but gain the flotation of a Backcountry by extending your 137” rails and track out to 146”. This kit comes in many versions, all with Tracks USA Rail Extensions and Hyfax. You can... Read more
VForce3 for C-TEC 8000
The new C-TEC 8000 engine from Arctic Cat responds extremely well to the addition of VFORCE3 reed cages. The VForce3 reed valve system delivers increased bottom end and stronger mid-range, and since allows more airflow it delivers more peak horsepower. When used in combination with additional modifications one should... Read more
Linq Deep Snow Pro Bag
The all-new LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag from Ski-Doo is their most waterproof storage solution to date. This light and waterproof bag (with TiZip) is expandable offering from 9 to 30 liters (2-6 gallons) of capacity with easy LinQ attachment using one set of LinQ fasteners. Mounts to your... Read more
Quad-Flow Torque Wing for SX/SRX Triples
The Quad Flow Torque Wing is a patented performance device for carbureted engines. Mounted on the engine side of the carburetor slide, it increases throttle response and power by accelerating air speed and killing turbulence. It is the only flow stabilizer with horizontal and vertical air stabilizers to increase... Read more
Inversion & Inversion Insulated Gloves
The new Inversion Gloves from KLIM are the ultimate lightweight windproof gloves for high activity riding. Redesigned for this year, the Inversion gets better palm grips, better Mult-e-Touch screen functionality and improved dexterity. Similar to the Inversion Gloves, the redesigned Inversion Insulated Gloves combine windproof protection with backhand insulation... Read more
K MOD Skinny
The new K MOD Skinny is a direct replacement for the Arctic Cat Alpha monorail skids. Featuring K MOD coupling geometry with 4 positions of coupling (playful to full mod control) the super strong twin rail design creates rigidity. Is both lighter and stronger than the stock monorail with... Read more