Yellowstone Open

Leglislation January 18, 2006 0
The west entrance of Yellowstone Park is scheduled to open December 21, snow conditions permitting. The park welcomes snow coaches, snowmobile tours, cross-country skiers and snowshoers from December 21 through March 12. “We are excited about the upcoming winter activities and are eager for visitors to join the fun,”... Read more
Out-of-state riders who plan on riding in the scenic state of Iowa will need to purchase a $15 trail permit to ride the Iowa trails. The permits will be sold at any depot where hunting and fishing licenses are sold, utilizing the existing electronic registration system already in place.... Read more
More money was needed to groom and maintain the snowmobile trails in Minnesota, so a new law in the state of Minnesota requires all persons operating a snowmobile on a state or grant-in-aid trail to possess a Snowmobile Trail Sticker. This does include all residents and non-residents; everyone. There... Read more
A rider was successfully attached to a recently passed Interior Appropriations bill that directs the National Park Service to keep in effect for the upcoming winter season the current rule which authorizes up to 720 snowmobiles each day in Yellowstone National Park. This effectively blocks the federal courts (and... Read more
Unanimous decision upholds recreation access ruling in Utah District Court With Bill Dart, BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director In a unanimous decision June 14, 2004, the Supreme Court upheld a Utah District Court ruling dismissing claims brought in 1999 by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) and other anti-access groups... Read more