2016 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS
It is a rare find indeed to be able to have a sled that boasts so much race technology, yet offers stock sled reliability. The Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS has always been a consumer version of the sled that X-Team racers use for the track. That philosophy of taking what... Read more
     If you are a deep snow mountain rider, especially a Polaris mountain rider, you undoubtedly have heard about the new for 2016 Polaris PRO-RMK models built on the new AXYS platform. You have heard the hype, listened to the Polaris-paid riders, and maybe even have read some... Read more
Year Two for the Axys of Domination –      It is really a shame that so many snowmobilers (at least in the middle sections of the U.S. and Canada) didn’t have much of a chance to ride their new sleds last winter, because many of them don’t fully... Read more
What’s this, an all-new Apex model from Yamaha? That’s right, Yamaha has been working on improving their Japan-built sleds as well, coming with their new SingleShot rear suspension that is simpler and lighter, fitted with a new Fox FLOAT 3 XV shock. This new suspension weighs 9-10 pounds less... Read more
Yamaha continues to expand their offering of SR Viper models, but this new one could be the best one yet. The S-TX designation meant it had a 141” air shock skid last year, but for 2016 this sled gets fitted with a 137” torsion-spring set-up and – wait for... Read more
Ever since Yamaha’s introduction of the RS Vector it has been powered by a 1049cc Genesis 4-stroke three-cylinder engine. In the beginning it was a carbureted engine, and then evolved to electronic fuel injection. During this time it has rightfully gained a reputation as one of the (if not... Read more
With the introduction of the SR Viper M-TX mountain models for 2015, Yamaha has continued to work on improving the deep snow performance of their mountain sleds with a new front end and spindle package called the SRV-M. The narrow 36” skis stance enhances off-trail handling. A new ultra... Read more
That’s right, Yamaha has an all-new rear suspension for 2016! Called the SingleShot rear suspension, it is being offered in 2 lengths: 129” and 146” (shown). It is ONLY found on Yamaha’s Japan-built models, and is not being offered in any of the USA-built SR Viper models. The engineering... Read more
For the past few years, the lines have blurred as to what is a “trail” sled, what is a “mountain” sled and now what is a “crossover” sled. The differences between a crossover sled and the trail segment is pretty much a matter of track length and lug height,... Read more
Take a very good long look at the 2015 Polaris RUSH models. At a distance they might look very similar to the previous RUSH models. Their narrow profile, the hinged rear end, looks like a RUSH. But take a step closer and then you can see that while similar,... Read more