Take a very good long look at the 2015 Polaris RUSH models. At a distance they might look very similar to the previous RUSH models. Their narrow profile, the hinged rear end, looks like a RUSH. But take a step closer and then you can see that while similar,... Read more
The day was Monday, March 10th. A brand new 2015 (prototype) Ski-Doo Renegade XRS 800R E-TEC arrived at Timberline Sports in Bergalnd, Michigan with our name on it. We promptly made our way to the dealer to pick the sled up. It hasn’t even been a month yet, but... Read more
We’ve just returned from our first rides on the all-new 2015 Polaris AXYS sleds (RUSH & Switchback) fitted with their new 800 H.O. two-stroke twin, as well as their 600. What did we learn? The new Polaris AXYS sleds are freakin’ awesome. We admit it, they’re that good. These... Read more
In about the first week of March we have been traveling to a snowy location for the past 30 years to ride and photograph all of next year’s snowmobiles. This past year was no different, as we once again had the opportunity to get some seat time and take... Read more
Mention “MX Z TNT” and most snowmobilers would think of the lightest sleds on the planet. It was the first year MX Z TNT with the 500 SS engine package (actually a carbed 600) that broke the 400-pound barrier, coming in at 399 pounds, and the next year the... Read more
The Return of the El Tigre For the past few years Arctic Cat has been offering their 4-stroke 1100cc as their entry into the 125 HP class. The logic was so many people were buying the 800cc two-stroke, and with the EPA regulations the 4-strokes were a great way... Read more
Heading in a Radically New Direction Feast your eyes upon the all-new 2014 Yamaha SR Viper. Powered by the Yamaha 1049cc “Nytro” engine fitted with Yamaha primary and secondary clutches, this new sled has so much new and different going on that it might take a few moments for... Read more
One of the issues owners of the latest platform from Arctic Cat have been chasing is that of drive belt durability. Since its introduction in 2012, the Arctic Cat Procross & Proclimb sleds have been tough on drive belts. Arctic Cat has taken several steps in an attempt to... Read more
With Chris Olin – Rox Speed FX “What the heck is an RXf?” you’re asking yourself. Is it a Yamaha in Cat clothing? Is it an Arctic Cat with an identity crisis? XF or F? Or is it something that does not exist but could be something we would... Read more
Ski-Doo sells more snowmobiles than anyone else, and that lead is growing. Over the past year they have increased their market share in all segments, especially in the mountains. Their warranty costs have decreased and customer satisfaction has increased. Where do they go next? How about enhancing the riding... Read more