Patrick Custom Carbon Drive and Driven Clutch Mods
There are aftermarket parts and then there are super High-end aftermarket parts. Carbon Fiber generally falls into the second category so when we got the chance to try a set of highly modified, precision balanced Polaris Clutches with Carbon fiber goodies installed we did what any motor head would... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat Norseman – Blurring the Lines Between Work and Play
There’s a new hybrid machine in the Arctic Cat line-up for 2018, and it’s not an electric sled – by hybrid we’re talking about a utility-touring machine that blurs the lines between hardworking and playing. It’s the all-new Norseman, offered in a 125 HP 600c 2-stroke twin or a... Read more
2018 Crazy Mountain Xtreme Bike Kit
Crazy Mountain Motorsports started building sleds in 1991 because they knew they could build a better snowmobile for back country mountain riding than what the major manufacturers were producing. High-quality, high performance, light weight, efficiency and reliability were, and still are, the goals for building Crazy Mountain Xtreme (CMX)... Read more
SLP Magnum Force Clutch Weight for Arctic Cat
The Magnum Force weight increases the clamping efficiency especially at low to mid speed ranges because of its heavy heel design and mass distribution profile. It utilizes external adjustability by means of a gun drilled and threaded center core, where mass can be added or subtracted without removing the... Read more
HMK Matrix Shovel
Don’t get stuck without a Matrix Shovel from HMK. Featuring a telescoping shaft with a 14” Cross Cut Saw in handle, the Matrix Shovel has a Multi Position Handle that is adjustable from 27 – 33” to best match the job at hand. The lightweight design is super-strong with... Read more
Pro MTN Front Bumper
Give an added dose of style and protection to ProCross and ProClimb chassis snowmobiles with the new PRO MTN Bumper from Arctic Cat. The lightweight aluminum bumper features sturdy four-point mounting for added protection. Additional front and side plates increase protection while the open design minimizes snow packing. It... Read more
Pivot Series Riding Gear from Arctiva
Finding inexpensive snow apparel is easy, but finding quality affordable gear that actually works is a different story. Arctiva realizes there is a customer base looking for warm and waterproof apparel that looks great AND leaves some cash in your wallet. Enter the all new Pivot line-up from Arctiva.... Read more
Front & Rear Adventure Bumpers
Bring out a wild look for your sled with the new Adventure Bumpers from Ski-Doo. Offered for both the front and rear, they are constructed of lightweight stacked aluminum plates. Not only provides a visual impact, but also added protection. Available in three color combinations; white/black, black/white, and green... Read more
MTNTK Tough Wheel Kit
Replace the weak stock rear axle wheels on your Polaris or Ski-Doo suspension with the MTNTK Performance Tough Wheel Kit. This kit completely replaces the flimsy stock wheels with a robust, heavy-duty wheel kit that is totally bolt on, easy to install, and fits perfectly in the stock location.... Read more
1200 4-TEC Turbo Kit
Take your Ski-Doo 1200 4-TEC sled beyond the next level with this 170 HP turbo kit. Designed specifically for the Rotax 1200, it fits all MX Z, Renegade, GSX and Grand Touring (XR) models from 2012 on up. Super-clean install with OEM-like fit and finish and mind-blowing performance. Limited... Read more