Ride Sag and Rear Suspension Preload Settings

So we all know we want the rear of the sled to squat some when we hop on it. But many times we don’t really know how much is enough, or how much is too much.

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Deep Lug Track Failure
As we were riding down the Bill Nichols Trail in the Keweenaw Peninsula the other day, I first noticed a small chunk of track laying in the middle of the trail. It was pretty easy to see the deep lug paddle on the chunk of track as we passed.... Read more
Drive Belt Break-In Procedure

You can’t just install a brand new drive belt and think it will instantly be ready for maximum power and instant abuse!

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E-TEC Spark Plug Issues
Since the introduction of the E-TEC direct injection technology in 2009, riders have pretty much become accustomed to never having to worry about spark plug issues. For the most part, at least, After several thousands of miles one does have to be aware that the spark plug firing electrode... Read more
Polaris VES Extreme Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

For the past couple of years Polaris has been offering a new top-tier synthetic 2-cycle oil in their VES Extreme Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil. Problem is, some riders believe this oil should only be used in extreme cold temperatures, which is not true!

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Thunder Products Clutching Service
Thunder Products Clutching is now offering clutch rebuilding and balancing services. This also includes the full installation of complete clutch kits along with complete cleaning, rebuilding and balancing services for a total clutching solution. Clutches will be tore down/completely disassembled, cleaned using a glass bead blaster and/or parts cleaner... Read more
Sidewinder / Thundercat won’t start – Frozen Relays
One of the more annoying problems with a snowmobile is when it doesn’t start. Even worse is when it starts in the morning when cold, but doesn’t restart the second time. This has been the case with some of the Yamaha Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Thundercat sleds. Owner turns... Read more
Arctic Cat Skis on Yamaha Sleds
Looking to run a set of Arctic Cat skis on your Thief River Falls-built Yamaha sled? In most instances, all you need to make the conversion is a new set of ski rubber dampers – order two of Arctic Cat #3603-237. This is a critical piece to match the... Read more
Curved A-Arm Kit
Ski-Doo is now offering as an accessory item a new set of curved lower a-arms for their 36” wide Gen4 Summit models. Redesigned to be more effective, they provide more clearance for less drag in deep snow. The design also reduces damage from objects hidden below the snow. Quick-disconnect... Read more
4th Wheel Kit for Arctic Cat / Yamaha
Take a look at the rear axle of your Arctic Cat/Yamaha sled. How many idler wheels are there on the rear axle? Or, do you have a one-piece tri-hub unit with two wheels on the inside and no wheels on the outside? The fact of the matter is your... Read more