Thunder Products Clutching Service
Thunder Products Clutching is now offering clutch rebuilding and balancing services. This also includes the full installation of complete clutch kits along with complete cleaning, rebuilding and balancing services for a total clutching solution. Clutches will be tore down/completely disassembled, cleaned using a glass bead blaster and/or parts cleaner... Read more
Sidewinder / Thundercat won’t start – Frozen Relays
One of the more annoying problems with a snowmobile is when it doesn’t start. Even worse is when it starts in the morning when cold, but doesn’t restart the second time. This has been the case with some of the Yamaha Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Thundercat sleds. Owner turns... Read more
Arctic Cat Skis on Yamaha Sleds
Looking to run a set of Arctic Cat skis on your Thief River Falls-built Yamaha sled? In most instances, all you need to make the conversion is a new set of ski rubber dampers – order two of Arctic Cat #3603-237. This is a critical piece to match the... Read more
Curved A-Arm Kit
Ski-Doo is now offering as an accessory item a new set of curved lower a-arms for their 36” wide Gen4 Summit models. Redesigned to be more effective, they provide more clearance for less drag in deep snow. The design also reduces damage from objects hidden below the snow. Quick-disconnect... Read more
4th Wheel Kit for Arctic Cat / Yamaha
Take a look at the rear axle of your Arctic Cat/Yamaha sled. How many idler wheels are there on the rear axle? Or, do you have a one-piece tri-hub unit with two wheels on the inside and no wheels on the outside? The fact of the matter is your... Read more
2020 Polaris – Standard Battery Charging Connector
If one were to think of what kind of feature a manufacturer could add to their sleds that most every single buyer would both use and appreciate, one would be the addition of connector for a battery charger. Seriously, think about it. Every single one of use has to... Read more
2019 Indy XC Velocity Series  Shock Knobs
If you happen to have one of the 2019 Polaris Indy XC 129” sleds, then you have a Walker Evans Velocity Series shock on the rear torque arm, and a compression-adjustable Piggyback Walker Evans with a 2” body on the front torque arm. One thing many riders had happen... Read more
Snowmobile Inspection –  Idler Wheel Check
As a snowmobile owner, one is expected to be able to keep track of and be aware of some simple service items to keep your sled running smoothly. The most basic is to fill the gas and oil tanks before operation. One should also watch the coolant level of... Read more
BRP Vibration Damping Clutch Technology
Starting with the launch of the REV Gen 4 platform, BRP has been quietly using a Patent-Pending technology on the pDrive clutch to minimize engine vibration. This unique new solution adds no weight but helps to solve the vibration issue many large displacement two-cylinder snowmobile engines experience. To minimize... Read more
Solving High Idle Problems: Quad Flow Torque Wing
Some of our carbureted snowmobiles have a problem sometimes called the “high idle syndrome”. It’s not predictable, and it can increase or decrease on its own. Some riders have gotten off of their sleds and watched in despair as the sled took off on its own without them. What... Read more