Ski-Doo’s rMotion X Rear Suspension
The current reference point in snowmobile rear suspensions is the rMotion, but the new rMotion X takes the bump absorption and anti-bottoming capabilities of the rMotion to the next level. Every part of the rear suspension has been analyzed and revised to optimize performance in an effort to increase... Read more
Patriot 650 Engine

Patriot 650 Engine

Tech Shorts October 17, 2020 2
Outstanding Durability Smooth and Quiet This new engine approached competitor 4 strokes mpg at 25/45 mph. Calibrated to run its best on 87 Octane 10% more power and 14% more torque than the 600 HO 20%+ mpg improvement @ steady state 45mph 50%+ mpg improvement@ steady state 25 mph... Read more
2021 Polaris 7S Touch Screen Display
Polaris already had the industry-best dash gauge with their GPS-equipped PIDD (Polaris Interactive Digital Display) but now they take it to the next level with their new “7S Touch Screen Display” with Ride Command and Group Ride Feature found on select 2021 MATRYX SnowCheck models. This the industry’s only... Read more
One Gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy
We’ve all been using the three gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy for so long now that it is “the” industry standard when it comes to carrying extra fuel on a snowmobile. Never before have we had such a superior system for carrying fuel, positively secured to the sled and without... Read more
850 Patriot Engine Refinements
Right out of the gate, Polaris has told us all along that the number one goal with their new 850 Patriot engine was to provide extreme durability. This is why they took the “clean sheet” approach to the engine development and looked at so many different combinations, designs and... Read more
Dupont Vespel Hyfax

Dupont Vespel Hyfax

Tech Shorts December 3, 2019 0
Anyone who does side by side testing of all brands of snowmobiles in various snow conditions can tell you that the late model Yamaha sleds are often the first ones to have hyfax issues. This being the case, Yamaha engineers wanted to improve the hyfax durability, reduce the friction... Read more
SRX LE Ride Height – Coming Back Down
We’re not sure if you caught this, but it is definitely worth bringing to your attention. For 2019 the Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE and Arctic Cat’s Thundercat were calibrated with a lower ride height than other similar models in their respective line-ups. In the case of these two speed... Read more
The Accessory Every  Switchback Assault Needs!
Can you imagine a mountain sled without a deep lug track? Of course not, that would just not be right. But what about a center grab bar? You know, the hoop bar that comes up out of the handlebars so you have something to hang on to when you’re... Read more
Keeping Fuel Fresh –   Fuel Med RX
Here is an excellent product we’ve been using for the past several years now, designed by Yamaha to combat fuel degradation and the effects of ethanol – Fuel Med RX. In the world of fuel stabilizer products, there are various methods or approaches to try to keep petro fuel... Read more
KMOD 37” Front End Kit for Polaris
The latest front suspension from KMOD has been designed using the latest in Cad-Cam technology. The use of this technology allowed them to take a very complicated design like the canted front suspension of the Polaris PRO-Ride & AXYS PRO-RMK and understand every detail of it from caster, camber,... Read more