2018 Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Driveline Update
Ski-Doo recently announced several driveline changes for their 2018 models. Changes to these 2018 models include; * Finned fixed pDrive sheave – (improved heat dissipation and cooling) * Revised CVT Calibration – (improved belt traction, less heat generation) * New drive belt – (longer lasting, better heat resistance) *... Read more
Track Pitch – A Changing Specification
When you go to replace the track on a snowmobile, you would always know what the length of the track was, and most likely you would know what the current lug height was and what the lug height was of the new track under consideration. But how savvy are... Read more
Point of Contact – A discussion on track length, lug height, and lug profile
With a car or truck we always talk about the “contact patch” that is provided by your tires. On a snowmobile, we instead have a track and skis as our points of contact. This being the case, having the proper track installed for your snow conditions, along with where... Read more
Variable Compression Engine
One of the key variables for an internal combustion engine is its compression ratio. This is the ratio of the maximum volume within the cylinder (when the piston is at bottom dead center) and the minimum volume within the cylinder (when the piston is at top dead center). Obviously,... Read more
2017 Ski-Doo RAS 3 Front Suspension
Ski-Doo’s Gen 4 REV models feature a new front suspension, the RAS 3 front suspension. Similar in design to the already stable and precise RAS 2 front suspension found on the REV-XS models (to maintain toe-out ski orientation upon maximum compression for precision), the even more precise RAS 3... Read more
2017 Arctic Cat Accessory Attachment Systems
One of the features we’ve been asking for from Arctic Cat the past few seasons has been a quick-attach quick-detach system for cargo bags and accessories. You know, something like what Ski-Doo and Polaris have for their sleds. Ask, and ye shall receive. Now for 2017 Arctic Cat is... Read more
Sidewinder Clutching

Sidewinder Clutching

Tech Shorts December 21, 2016 0

To get the most out of the new turbocharged engine performance with no compromise to Yamaha’s reputation for industry leading drive belt durability, Yamaha engineers designed a revised CVT clutch system for the Sidewinder models. This new clutching system is being called the YSRC Transmission System and it is found exclusively on all of the 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder models.

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Micro Start XP-1

Micro Start XP-1

Tech Shorts December 16, 2016 0

With more and more snowmobiles having electric start, and many now do not have a recoil starter rope as a back-up method of starting, what do you do if your battery should fail you while out in the woods?

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2017 Ski-Doo pDrive Primary Clutch
One of the biggest functional changes found on the Gen 4 REV models from Ski-Doo for 2017 is the new pDrive primary (drive) clutch. This clutch design was first introduced on the 2016 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS racing snowmobile, and marks a significant evolution in the world of CVT snowmobile... Read more
RMK Silencer with Integrated Hot Dogger/ Hot Pot Mount
Back a few years ago when we could lift the hood on a sled and get at the exhaust, many of us would mount a “Hot Dogger” cooker on top of the exhaust so we could cook lunch while out riding. We mount strap the Hot Dogger to the... Read more