2006 Rotax 800 HO PowerTEK engines now feature stronger “polished” connecting rods for improved durability. The press fit of the locating pin in the piston has also been improved, and the chrome racing ring is now standard on all 800 HO engines. Read more
The hottest new LCD gauge in the biz is found on the new 2006 Yamaha Apex models. It not only looks like it is from a science fiction movie, it provides excellent readability and a host of data. Not only do you get digital speedo and (dual) trip meter... Read more
Arctic Cat just announced availability of new “Tank Pads” (knee/shin pads) for their M-Series and Crossfire models. With their tall handlebars and rider-forward ergonomic seating position, it is common for the knees and shins of the rider to contact the panels and sides of the gas tank during aggressive... Read more
Why do Yamaha 4-stroke sleds route their exhaust out the back? There are several benefits; the rear-exit exhaust is straight for maximum power. Handling is enhanced as the engine design is tipped back to centralize the mass, and the rear muffler location reduces front-end weight. Durability is also improved,... Read more
What happens to old snowcross race sleds? Many of the new race-specific machines are set-up for short-course racing, along with requiring high-octane race fuel, so they can’t survive for very long on pump premium. Nor do they meet all of the noise and certifiable criteria for use on the... Read more
Yamaha has mailed letters to owners of record in regards to the importance of properly reinstalling the crankcase breather hoses onto the airbox, should it be removed for servicing or adjustment. If the two hoses are not reinstalled properly, an oil leak can occur which may lead to engine... Read more
The key to securing a spare gas can to the back of your sled is usually a matter of how good (or what kind) of straps you’re using. Polaris offers a really slick set of straps as part of their IQ gas can accessory kit, and you can order... Read more
Mountain riders have long been aware of the added weight from accumulating snow and ice in their tunnel and rear suspension. Hill climbers and racers alike have tried all sorts of sprays and treatments to keep the snow from sticking, thus keeping the evil weight off their sled. This... Read more
More and more mountain sled shops are putting holes into the tracks of their mountain sleds, following the lead of Polaris West in West Yellowstone, Montana. It is widely accepted this is where the practice became popular and took off from. Some shops are using a hole saw and... Read more
An increasing number of snowmobiles are equipped with an air temperature sensor inside the air box. This sensor detects the temperature of the air entering the engine, providing this important information to the on-board computer for determining outputs for things like proper fuel delivery, ignition timing and power valve... Read more