DNE Quad 1560

Tech Shorts November 1, 2005 0
This four-cylinder 2-stroke – the DNE Quad 1560 – produces nearly 375 HP and 200 foot-pounds of torque. Built by Don Emery at DNE Performance in Ontario, it is based on Rotax 800 triples welded together with stroked Ski-Doo crankshafts. Last winter the sled ran 172.6 mph, consuming between... Read more
Many 2006 Arctic Cat snowmobiles are fitted with a new left hand control block, delivering easier access and control of various functions as well as cleaning up the handlebar layout. This new control block features integral connector headers rather than potted wire harnesses, reducing the amount of wiring that... Read more

Proto Snow Bike

Tech Shorts November 1, 2005 0
In search of a smaller, less expensive, and lighter snowmobile, here is one person’s vision of such a vehicle. Built by James Alexander of Niles, Michigan, this “prototype” snow bike is quite a departure from what you typically think of when you say “snowmobile”. It is still under development,... Read more
A number of the newer sleds are now fitted with “carb heaters”. Many of these route warm engine coolant through the carb body in an attempt to prevent icing of the carbs (and the resulting safety concern of a stuck throttle). Sleds equipped with these systems typically have a... Read more
A fairly common oil-related failure happens when a 2-stroke sled is brand-spanking new. Sometimes, even if there is plenty of injection oil in the oil reservoir, there is air in the oil lines and the pump cavitates for a while, purging the air out of the system. Sometimes this... Read more
How many times have you pulled into a trail-head parking lot, only to find some bonehead (or two or three) has double parked their tow rig and trailer, making it almost impossible for you to safely park your rig? This happens not only in snowmobiling, but with all forms... Read more
Now that the 2006 production snowmobiles have arrived at the dealers, we’ve been able to do some side-by-side comparisons with our traditional favorite Summit windshields. The fixed windshield coming on all of the short tracked REV models this year is very similar to the fixed Summit windshield we’ve been... Read more
The handlebars on the 2006 Yamaha Nytro (shown in red) as compared to the handlebars from the RS Vector (shown in green). Dimensions are in mm. The taller and wider bars on the Nytro help provide a more forward riding position to improve the riding comfort and control when... Read more
One of the largest fleets of gasoline-powered equipment that sits idle for long periods of time but needs to operate properly at a moments notice is in the hands of the U.S Military. How do they keep the gasoline fresh in all of their vehicles? The federal government recently... Read more
Use of the new “HPV Roller” secondary clutch that debuted on the 2005 Mach Z is expanded for 2006 to all X models (except the 550X) and the Summit Highmark. The state-of-the-art roller-type clutch delivers an improvement in upshifting and backshifting performance and consistency, with crisp, smooth acceleration and... Read more