The handlebars on the 2006 Yamaha Nytro (shown in red) as compared to the handlebars from the RS Vector (shown in green). Dimensions are in mm. The taller and wider bars on the Nytro help provide a more forward riding position to improve the riding comfort and control when... Read more
One of the largest fleets of gasoline-powered equipment that sits idle for long periods of time but needs to operate properly at a moments notice is in the hands of the U.S Military. How do they keep the gasoline fresh in all of their vehicles? The federal government recently... Read more
Use of the new “HPV Roller” secondary clutch that debuted on the 2005 Mach Z is expanded for 2006 to all X models (except the 550X) and the Summit Highmark. The state-of-the-art roller-type clutch delivers an improvement in upshifting and backshifting performance and consistency, with crisp, smooth acceleration and... Read more
If you’ve seen any of the 2006 production models at a dealer or have taken delivery on a 2006 sled, you’ve likely seen a new emissions hang tag attached to every sled. Starting with the 2006 models, snowmobiles are subject to federal emissions regulations, and these hang tags indicate... Read more
Fox continues to refine their FLOAT Airshox, taking their performance to new heights with the third-generation EVOL. The standard FLOAT Airshox replace the traditional metal coil spring with an internal “air-spring”, a sleeve of air pressure that replicates the (basic) function of a coil spring. Next came the FLOAT... Read more
The Ski-Doo REV brought us “rider-forward”, and the Polaris IQ models gave us “Rider Select”, but is there any way to add adjustability to the handlebars on your existing sled? There is. A unique product called the “Motion Bar Riser System” caught our eyes late last winter. Offered by... Read more
Camoplast has informed SnowTech they have “over-run” quantities of the 159” Polaris Series 4 RMK track in the 2 1/8” lug height. Polaris has authorized Camoplast to sell these extras as genuine Series 4 tracks, but quantities are limited. Order Camoplast part #9978M from any Camoplast dealer or distributor,... Read more
Ski-Doo models fitted with the 1000 SDI engine are fitted with an all new drive system, developed specifically for the incredible power levels produced by the monster twin (170+ HP). The most obvious change is the relocation of the brake disc to the outside of the chaincase. This allows... Read more

Power to Weight Ratios

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 0
Using power to weight ratios is a good method of predicting the potential performance of a given package. While this will many times be listed as an actual ratio, the numbers that are far easier for us to understand is “pounds per horsepower”. So how do today’s current muscle... Read more