Clutching Checks

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 0
(While the following information provided by Black Magic Racing is aimed at Arctic Cat riders, it pretty much applies to all Comet, Polaris, Yamaha and Arctic clutches.) There are some things on your sled that should be checked on and/or repaired before the season starts. One of the major... Read more

Starting Cold Engines

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 0
One of the finer skills snowmobilers acquire is how they go about starting engines in very cold temperatures. Normally, the engine is so stiff that even electric starters are not able to do the job if you just go out and crank the key. One tactic is to remove... Read more
With the vast assortment of go-fast parts and accessories offered for every make and model of snowmobile, how do you go about deciding which parts or accessories are best for you and your machine? What fits your needs most appropriately? The answer is one only you can provide. You’re... Read more
Snowmobilers are not exactly the kind of crowd that one would expect to approach about a subject like hand lotions, but we’re going to take a stab at it because of a product we’ve discovered that’s so good you need to know about it. If you’ve ever spent a... Read more

No Trail Map?

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 0
Despite your best efforts at preparation, there will be days you find yourself in new territory or off the end of your trail map that you’re carrying. Our test staff has found this to occur more often than they’d like to admit, never knowing for sure some days where... Read more
Now that we have a couple of years under our belts with the new high performance four-stroke snowmobiles, one of the most profound differences that we didn’t originally expect or anticipate was the major difference in break in period. The four cylinder RX-1, for example, really doesn’t start to... Read more
One of the most frequently ignored areas of performance on today’s snowmobiles is the hydraulic brake system. Hydraulic brakes definitely reduce the amount of effort required to get a sled to slow down compared to the old cable-actuated systems, but they are not a service-free system. Which begs us... Read more

Plugged Pilot Jets

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 0
Make no mistake, a bunch of us will be greeted by plugged pilot jets when we go out and try to fire up our sled for the first time this fall. Fuel related issues continue to be a problem when storing vehicles, snowmobiles included. Sleds (and engines that sit... Read more
OEM manufacturers and dealers would like you to think so, but it’s not that cut and dry. There is a very fine line here; while you may be led to believe that your machine’s warranty is void if any (unauthorized) modifications are made to it, the reality is warranty... Read more

Trailer Tire Wisdom

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 1
Trailer tires for snowmobile trailers are NOT all created equal! You can find several tires of the exact same size, yet with widely varying load ratings and number of plies (internal layers). For example, a popular two-place snowmobile trailer tire (18.5 x 8.5 x 8) can be found with... Read more