One of the best analogies to the classic question, “Which is the best snowmobile for me”, is that snowmobiles are like gloves. Most of us all own numerous pairs of gloves of all sorts and types. And most of us would admit that, depending on exactly what we’re doing,... Read more
Snowmobiles equipped with detonation sensors, (knock sensors), both two-stroke and four-stroke, automatically compensate for various fuel quality and octane ratings. The ignition timing and in some cases amount of fuel delivered is varied to avoid damaging detonation. This also means that the engine will make more power when fed... Read more

Chain Case Tensioning

Tech Shorts September 25, 2004 1
Chaincase Chain Tensioning So, when was the last time you checked the tension of the chain in your chaincase? Unless you ride an Arctic Cat, you’d better be saying something like 500 miles ago, or so. Big power sleds need more frequent attention, and if you ever put your... Read more
You should always ride your snowmobile at a speed that allows you to stop within the distance that you can see. Think about this one for a moment. Some of those corners you’re zipping around, if you hit the brakes where would you be able to stop? Can you... Read more
…lubricating grease has a specification system with two basic performance groups; chassis lubricants (letter designation L) and wheel bearing lubricants (letter designation G). Performance categories within these groups result in two-letter designations for chassis greases (LA and LB) and three for wheel bearing greases (GA, GB and GC). It... Read more
….if you’re used to using the safety stop switch (kill switch) up on the handlebars to stop your sled, you’ll want to change your ways if you’re riding a new sled with electric start. This is particularly true on Yamaha models, where if you leave the key on and... Read more

VM Rounds to TM Flats

Tech Shorts September 16, 2004 0
….during a recent discussion regarding roundslide vs. flatslide carburetors, the question arose as to why the OEMs had switched from VM rounds to TM flats. The normal reasons of throttle response, airflow, shorter intake tract length and fuel atomization all came up, but then perhaps the most logical reason... Read more