While most of us are aware of the EPA requirements to reduce carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon emissions from snowmobiles starting with the 2006 model year, few have heard of, or are aware of the new “fuel tank permeation” requirements. That’s right. If you’ve removed the gas cap and... Read more
Long-time Arctic Cat riders have correctly pointed out that the new Arctic Cat 800 and 1000 laydown 2-stroke engines are not the first Arctic Cat power plants featuring two spark plugs per cylinder. This feature was also found on some of the Kawasaki-built engines from the early to mid-1970s,... Read more
Every year, a number of snowmobilers are surprised to learn how quickly gasoline deteriorates in their snowmobile. Either the sled doesn’t start after a “normal” period of storage, or it won’t idle (or run properly) after coming out of storage, or the sled doesn’t start as soon as it... Read more
Here is a power and torque graphic for the Genesis 130 FI (fuel-injected three cylinder 1050cc four-stroke) found in the all-new 2008 Yamaha Nytro FX models. The addition of fuel injection and the increase in displacement yielded a 16-horsepower gain over the Genesis 120 engine it is based on.... Read more

Loud Snowmobiles

Tech Shorts September 15, 2007 1
One of the false stereotypes our industry continues to fight is that of noise. The occasional piped-sled with open stingers or burnt-out packing in their mufflers makes non-snowmobilers think that all snowmobiles are this loud, but we all know that to not be true. Nationwide, there is a backlash... Read more
Mountain riders have discovered the Arctic Cat M-Series sleds can over tension the track as the suspension goes through its travel. For this reason, many riders have resorted to running their tracks looser than they feel comfortable with. While many will install extrovert drivers to help deal with this... Read more

Good Carbon Remover

Tech Shorts November 14, 2006 2
If you ever have the need to remove carbon from aluminum engine parts (like power valves) here is a product we ran across being used in the automotive world and with ultra-lite aircraft. It’s called “Piston Kleen”. It sells for only $8 per gallon and is available from Orison... Read more

REV Moto-Ski?

Tech Shorts October 31, 2006 4
SnowTech reader Charlie Herber is passionate about snowmobiles; orange Moto-Skis, to be more precise. After doing some damage to his current sled last year on a late winter ride, he got on the net looking for parts, which led to looking at sleds. This is how he found a... Read more

Track Howl

Tech Shorts October 31, 2006 3
What do you do if your sled has a terrible “track howl”? This isn’t something that just shows up, it is with the sled from day one. Normally, the track will howl quite loudly at a very specific speed, yet makes much less noise at speeds above and below... Read more
Yamaha 8DN drive belts have gained a reputation as being a durable piece, as evidenced by the turbo and supercharged RX-1s that produce HP in the hundreds, all being transferred through the drive system by a stock Yamaha drive belt, manufactured by MBL, or Mitsuboshi. Notice the “O” in... Read more