2006 Arctic Cats saw some changes to their clutching system, with the addition of larger diameter secondary clutches on some models. The Firecats and 900s were fitted with the larger secondary, but they also received a smaller diameter primary clutch as well. According to Arctic Cat, this was done... Read more

Rotax 4-TEC V-800

Tech Shorts October 30, 2006 0
New Choice for Cruising, Utility Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) is introducing not one, but two new high tech Rotax® engines in its 2007 Ski-Doo snowmobiles line: the 2-TEC™ 800R two-stroke and the 4TEC™ V-800 four-stroke. Both engines are fuel efficient and exceed U.S. E.P.A. emissions standards. The 4-TEC... Read more
The new Yamaha Genesis 80 FI 4-stroke found in the all-new 2007 Phazer models produces a claimed 80 HP! How is this possible, from a 4-stroke of only 500cc? One of the ways is with high compression (12.4:1), high RPM (11,250 RPM) and a knock sensor – the Phazer... Read more
If you want to take your Freestyle Session 300 package out on the trails – or racing – you’ll want to get the X-Package Wide Front Suspension Kit (#860429300). It increases the front suspension from the standard 32-inches to 39-inches . A stabilizer bar also improves cornering. The... Read more
Ski-Doo is fitting their 2007 X-packages with a new HPG shock up front – the new style “HPG Clicker T/A” shocks offer clicker adjustability, but are no longer remote reservoir. These are steel body shocks, less expensive than aluminum and slightly heavier. The actual valving and performance should be... Read more

Arctic Cat 1000

Tech Shorts October 27, 2006 0
Early dyno runs on the new Arctic Cat 1000 indicate it is a strong beast, indeed. Jeff Meidinger at Dakota Performance tells SnowTech the new engine pulls thick and hard, with a respectable 162 HP out of a brand new engine. Meidinger also tells us he has unlocked a... Read more
When the REV hit the snowmobile scene in 2003, it and the Arctic Cat Firecat were the first sleds to locate their air intake in front of the windshield. Traditionally, the intake had been located somewhere behind the windshield or on the back side of the hood, relatively protected... Read more
When riding in a group (of any size) the group leader (or the group as a collective) needs to identify the sled with the least amount of range. Why? Because you need to know where your “point of no return” is, or halfway point. When your sleds start to... Read more
Advanced Power Systems, makers of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, have added in-line units to their product line. These in-line units are primarily intended for use in automotive applications, and in no way replace the drop-in units we use in our gas cans and recreational vehicles. Since we all own... Read more
Arctic Cat has announced a track exchange program for their 2007 F-Series models. Both the F-Series and F-Sno Pro models will accept both 14-in. and 15-in. wide tracks. The production track on the F-Series and F Sno Pro models is the Hacksaw 15” wide x 128” long x 1.00”... Read more