Tim Bender and his Yamaha Vmax-4 Formula III Race Sled
INSIDE THE HALL OF FAME: MAN AND MACHINE – By Greg Marier Photos: Wayne Davis, Rick Bates, Christer Dahl, Greg Marier The Man – Tim Bender: One of snowmobile racing’s most successful modified class drivers, Tim Bender raced Yamaha and Polaris snowmobiles at the start of the IFS development... Read more
The Last Triple-Cylinder Two-Stroke from Polaris: Polaris XCR 800
(Originally published in the December 2018 issue of SnowTech) Today if you’re a Polaris diehard, the motor everyone is talking about is the new 850 Patriot. This engine is today offered in the 2019 XCR, but back in 2003 the XCR was built around a 794cc three cylinder Fuji... Read more
The Hulings Files – Mercury Sno-Twister Independence
Brad Hulings is considered by many to be one of the very best oval racers in the history of snowmobiling. He first earned the respect of the factory racers in the mid 1970s as a fierce independent racing Mercury Sno-Twisters, soon to be hired by Bob Eastman at Polaris.... Read more
1974 Rupp 3rd Dimension
Rupp Racers Take on SnoPro Ironwood Michigan, December 9th 1973 is a day that will live on in snowmobile racing folklore. This date is when a new breed of no holds barred racing snowmobiles from the best brains in the industry would be revealed. The race series was called... Read more
1971 Ski-Doo Blizzard
The anticipation every fall for the upcoming race season is shared by race fans and manufacturers alike, to finally get a look at the new race sleds. Today that unveiling happens at Haydays, but back in the fall of 1970 the race fan would catch their first glimpse in... Read more
The Polaris TXL Indy: Vintage Special
An Icon in the History of Snowmobiling The spring of 1978 was to mark the beginning of a suspension revolution that would change the snowmobile industry forever. The Polaris Race Team had dominated oval racing for two straight winters with the RX-L oval race sled featuring a twin radius... Read more
ARBE MANTA TWIN TRACK: The Story of Bob Bracey and the MANTA
The story of the ARBE Manta twin track is as much about the man behind the machines as it is the machines themselves. By Hal Armstrong 1969-73 Leisure Vehicles Inc. – The Raider Days Carol Bracey (wife of Bob) remembers the day he came home and told her he... Read more
1993 Ski-Doo MACH Z – Getting Back to the Muscle Sleds
“Lead, follow or get out of the way,” is a motto often used in racing, but it also applies to the competition for your hard earned cash at the dealer showroom. Consumer demand (and the resulting profitability) is the driving force that manufacturers either create, or respond to quickly.... Read more
The Life and Times of the Two-Stroke Triple
For several decades the ultimate high performance snowmobile was powered by a three-cylinder two-stroke engine. The 120-degree firing sequence of a triple is sexy and very addictive. For many snowmobilers there is no better sound on the planet than that of a triple-piped three-cylinder two-stroke engine singing at high... Read more
Yamaha SR-V:  The Indy Killer
As the dawn of the 80’s was fast approaching, the sport of snowmobiling was to be exposed to a number of factors that would shape the industry in terms of the number of brands that would survive, as well as the evolution of the snowmobile itself. In the late... Read more