SNOPRO 1974 – Does Racing Improve the Breed?
It’s hard to believe but 43 years ago this past fall the snowmobile world was abuzz with a new race series called SnoPro. We all recognize SnoPro as the name used by Arctic Cat on a number of its sleds, but in reality the label “SnoPro” was proposed by... Read more
2003 BLADE OutLaw
Bad-Ass V-Twin Snowmobile that Never Made it to Production Back fifteen years ago (in 2002), BLADE Snowmobiles (of FAST M-10 fame) was preparing to release their OutLaw™ snowmobile, powered by a torquey, four-stroke, American made V-Twin from S&S CYCLE, Inc. The OutLaw had a rather unique appearance with somewhat... Read more
1974 Mercury Sno-Twister
When the history of snowmobile racing is written there will be a select few sleds that will be recognized for totally dominating the competition. The 1974 Sno-Twister was just such a sled. It arrived at the time when Mercury Marine had decided to go racing after manufacturing sleds that... Read more
The Chase for a Snowmobile World Speed Record: A Short History
By Hal Armstrong Who is the fastest? Whether it’s the 100m run at the Olympics, NHRA top fuel record or the Land Speed Record we are all still captivated by these words whenever we hear them. Break a world record and you get recognition by the media that even... Read more


Vintage Rider January 4, 2017 4
By Hal Armstrong – Today we all take independent front suspensions for granted. But, in the spring of 1977, three of the big four sled builders were working overtime to figure out the intricacies of this new innovation. SnoPro 1977 was a year for the record books for Polaris.... Read more
Scorpion Snowmobiles

The history of snowmobiling is littered with memories of brands that have faded away like melting snow. There are however certain brands that were major players for three decades until they closed their doors in the early 80’s.

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Vintage Snowmobile Special: 1979 POLARIS  CENTURION
By Hal Armstrong Back in 1979 when Polaris Industries was celebrating 25 years in business they were a much different company, producing only snowmobiles. That wasn’t the only difference: their engine supplier was Fuji Heavy Industries (a.k.a. Subaru) who had been working with them since the late 60’s. Polaris... Read more
We recently had an interesting discussion with John Sandberg, webmaster at and current board member for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain, Wisconsin. It all started with John contacting us to ask Jim Beilke, Publisher of Race & Rally Magazine (through 1996) and SnowTech Magazine (1997-present)... Read more
The snowmobiles that we ride today bear little resemblance to the machines that were sold and raced in the mid 70’s. However, if you open the hood of your sled at home and peer into the depths where the tunnel and front bulkhead meet, you will find that this... Read more