The latest advances in snowmobile clothing take the comfort of the rider to even higher levels, thanks to “Comfort Mapping Technology”. This new method...

The latest advances in snowmobile clothing take the comfort of the rider to even higher levels, thanks to “Comfort Mapping Technology”. This new method of designing and building outerwear comes from the combined efforts of Klim USA and W.L. Gore, makers of the famous GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable membranes.

Matching the Clothing
to your Body

To best understand Comfort Mapping and the benefits it provides, one first needs a crash course in human physiology. Your body has built-in systems to control and regulate its thermal requirements. Different areas of your body play different roles in this regulation. Some parts are designed to allow heat to escape (like sweat glands that cool your body) while others insulate and protect vital organs from excessive cold. We all know that some areas of our body sweat more than others. Places like your armpits, your groin, and your feet have a much higher concentration of sweat glands than do other places on your body. Klim and W.L. Gore have performed research into the science of thermal regulation and understands the very specific requirements. (Some of this experience comes from their working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Military forces, providing them with the best gear in the world to keep our armed forces dry and comfortable.) For example, they know that the temperature of your skin varies in different places, as your body has varying levels of insulation in different places.
What they have achieved with the exclusive Comfort Mapping Technology is the design and production of clothing that works together with the body’s natural, temperature-regulating processes, not against them.

Core Technology – GORE-TEX

Having windproof and waterproof materials is only part of the solution; these materials must be properly designed, constructed and applied. They must be “breathable”, and this is what sets the GORE-TEX brand apart from the other “waterproof” membranes. A plastic bag is waterproof, but does not allow the steam, or water vapor to escape, so in a short period of time your skin becomes wet and then the rapid cooling occurs, as well as your becoming uncomfortable. GORE-TEX fabrics have a very specific pore size, which keeps the larger molecules of water on the outside, but allows the smaller molecules of steam and water vapor to escape. Your body warmth helps push this steam out through the fabric, and you stay dry and comfortable.
Klim has spent years testing and developing their riding gear that provides the utmost protection and comfort. In order to meet their exacting design criteria, a garment must achieve perfection in seven key areas: waterproofness, breathability, mobility, protection, fit, durability, and functionality.

Comfort Mapping
In traditional clothing, the garment liner is a one-dimensional piece of fabric that treats the varied thermal requirements of different parts of the body the same. Now Klim takes this selective approach to the next level. Each and every piece of the snow suit has been closely scrutinized. Comfort Mapping Technology creates a garment liner that meets the specific needs of each region of the body. Understanding these differing needs allows them to carefully select varying degrees and types of insulating materials into strategic areas of the clothing. This helps effectively manage the body’s thermal requirements by allowing better breathability in those areas that need to breathe, and better thermal protection in those areas that need to be protected. This ensures you will experience the most comfortable temperature level in any condition without sacrificing mobility.

Three Layer Technology
Three-Layer Construction plays a vital role in applying Comfort Mapping technology to the clothing. A three-layer fabric is made up of three different pieces of material each having a specific function. These three layers are permanently laminated together to form one integrated piece. The outer fabric (or face fabric) is usually a durable piece of (colored) nylon that protects the riding gear. The middle layer is a GORE-TEX® membrane that is durably waterproof and breathable. The inner layer (or backer) is where you really benefit from Comfort Mapping; this is called the “backer material” and is the true secret to the Comfort Mapping Technology, and is what makes it unique and superior. A thicker inner layer is used in areas where the body needs more insulation. Likewise, a thinner material is used in areas that tend to build up excess heat. This approach provides the ability more precisely control the thermal properties of the garment and create the world’s most comfortable, technical and durable pieces of outdoor clothing.
Compared to the waterproof clothing on only a few years ago, the new garments from Klim have evolved to providing the best possible rider comfort in our extreme riding conditions. Staying dry is a key element to staying warm and comfortable, but when the exertion level increase, then allowing moisture to evacuate is a critical element. The Comfort Mapping combines the best of all requirements, providing the thermal protection where needed, yet also providing the moisture venting where needed. Your body temperature will stay within a tighter range, thus you will be more comfortable. That means staying dry from the outside (waterproof), staying dry from the inside (breathability) and keeping the wind out (windproof). The end result is a higher level of performance and comfort, along with the durability, fit and mobility that you have come to expect from Klim products so you can better enjoy your ride.
For 2009, Klim offers their Comfort Mapping Technology in their industry-standard Valdez parka featuring a GORE-TEX Pro Shell, and the matching industry-standard Togwotee bib. Retail pricing on these premier products is up only very slightly, despite the outstanding improvements in performance; the 2009 Valdez parka retails for $419.99, and the 2009 Togwotee bib retails for $399.99. Ask for them at your Klim dealer, or contact Klim at 208-552-RIDE (7433). You can also visit their website to learn more at

The GORE-TEX® membrane contains over 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This makes the membrane completely waterproof from the outside, but still able to allow perspiration to escape from the inside. As added protection, an “oil-hating” substance is integrated into the GORE-TEX® membrane, preventing the penetration of harmful body oils and insect repellents.
Only GORE-TEX products offer the W.L. Gore brand promise; “If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness, or breathability of your GORE-TEX outerwear, we will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price.”

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