Last Fall we told you about the latest deep snow turbo rockets from Crazy Mountain Motorsports, the CMX-X. Here is an update on their...

Last Fall we told you about the latest deep snow turbo rockets from Crazy
Mountain Motorsports, the CMX-X. Here is an update on their progress.


The 2013 CMX-X models are being built at the Clyde Park, Montana facility in the shadows of the Crazy Mountains. With several color options and arguably the finest deep snow chassis ever built, the CMX-X continues to push the envelope in terms of deep snow capability and exotic customization.

CMX-X sleds are built from the ground up. This isn’t simply an existing factory sled that has parts swapped out. CMX starts out with their targets in regards to light-weight, reliability, handling and overall performance. Then they compile this data and use it to create the CMX-X. They do start out with some factory Polaris parts (like the cast aluminum bulkhead and over-structure) as it would be cost prohibitive to create these parts when they are mass-produced and it is great technology that would be very hard to improve upon. The CMX billet aluminum side plates are then attached to the CMX-modified cast aluminum bulkhead. From this point on the chassis is all CMX.

The CMX-X ride height is a little higher than most other sleds. This gives more clearance to the snow, which means less drag. The way that this is accomplished is by changing the front and rear suspension’s relationship to the chassis. The Crazy Mountain Xtreme Drive System (CMXDS) “belt drive” has been standard issue on all CMX sleds since 1999 and is 1” longer than a stock 2013 PRO-RMK. This moves the drive shaft down an inch and back an inch for an improved track attack angle which helps your sled get up on the snow better. CMX also use larger drivers (2.86 pitch 9-tooth compared to the stock PRO-RMK’s 8-tooth) which makes the track roll easier over the larger diameter. Mark Hoffman of CMX tells us the CMXDS is the most efficient drive system on the market today.

CMX has been building, riding and selling CMX TURBO sleds since 2008. It is incredibly fun riding CMX’s with the awesome horsepower produced with the Aerocharger T66 boosted CFI Polaris engines (approximately 260 HP on 10 lbs. of boost). The power delivery is incredibly smooth and consistent at any throttle position making boondocking as fun and easy on the CMX-X TURBO as a naturally aspirated sled, but when you need that extra 100 horsepower to get you out of a bad situation, you have it. Hoffman claims they have had zero engine problems and zero turbo problems (aside from one sticky boost controller) with their latest power packages. Over the years they have learned a lot about what it takes to keep the engine happy with the added HP, and with the help of Dobeck Performance (who builds their CMX private label tuning boxes) they have been able to fuel the engine properly in all conditions, both on and off of boost.


The CMX-X features a 16” wide track. They have learned that a 1” wider track verses a longer track has a greater positive affect on floatation. The common misconception is that a 16” wide track makes a sled harder to side-hill, but there are many factors that affect how a sled handles. Hoffman believes they have created the proper geometry and ergonomics to make the CMX-X with a 16” wide track one of the easiest sleds you will ever ride to lay over, carve and side-hill with.

Skinz Airframe Running Boards are 1” wider than stock running boards which gives the rider more leverage which makes it easier to use your weight to tip the sled. The custom seat on the CMX-X built by Skinz makes it very easy to do crossover maneuvers in challenging, technical terrain. In the past all CMX sleds came with an “Off-Side Throttle”, but with the ease of handling the new CMX-X does not have one.

If you have heard people say about their new sled, “I can do things on this sled that I could not do on any other sled” then you should throw a leg over the new CMX-X. It will take you to a whole new level of a fun and easy to ride sled. Crazy Mountain Motorsports can be contacted at 406-686-4921 or visit to learn more.

Originally published in SnowTech Magazine’s October / November 2012 print version. SnowTech is published 5 times a year and is available as a subscription here, or available on your local newsstand.

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