Snowmobilers are truly a resilient breed. We can endure a winter of sparse snow cover like many of us did last winter, yet as...

Snowmobilers are truly a resilient breed. We can endure a winter of sparse snow cover like many of us did last winter, yet as soon as there is a chill in the air in the Fall the buzz of excitement and activity starts all over again. Dealers are already reporting increased sled sales and renewed interest. It is like we have short memories and don’t want to remember the missed rides of last season, instead choosing to look forward to the season ahead of us and forgetting the past.

Here at SnowTech we see it in renewed subscriptions and increased activity and interest from you, the readers and subscribers and discover a positive attitude across the board of riders looking forward to a new season and plentiful snowfall.

Over the many years that we have been publishing a snowmobile magazine we have witnessed the cycles of ups and downs so many times that we just take it all in stride. Some years are better than others, and when a particular area doesn’t get as much snow as they typically might the true enthusiasts just load up their trailers and go to the snow. Most of you know all too well how to do this, and where to go. With the instant information availability on the internet it is now far easier to determine what areas in fact do have snow and if anyone is there taking advantage of it. From rider reports to snow depth maps to web cams showing snow on the ground, one can do the research needed to determine if it is worth the time and effort to load up and go.


Another cycle we see is how, when there is a winter of lacking snow cover, a number of the more “casual” snowmobilers throw their hands up in frustration and sell their sleds, or lose interest. Fortunately for us, there are not too many of these types of riders that are SnowTech readers. If you are reading this magazine, you are self-qualified as being a true snowmobile enthusiast that isn’t going to give up so easily. You, on average, are a very experienced rider that doesn’t flinch at loading up the trailer and knows how some years are going to be better than others. You are a smart snowmobiler and you share the passion of enjoying the sport as we do. Many of us find ways to enjoy the sport, regardless of what may or may not be outside our immediate window or garage door.

In order to keep a herd strong and resilient, breeders and geneticists constantly cull the herd and get rid of the less desirables to maintain a strong line. Snowmobilers seem to be self-qualifying in this respect; those who don’t like being out in the cold give up easily. Those who demand only the smoothest trails and perfect conditions give up easily when the path is beat up and has some “character”. Those who only go out when there is fresh virgin powder will lose interest if the snow if firm and set-up each time they venture out. Doesn’t sound like you, now does it? Nope. By virtue of reading this magazine, you are qualified and are keeping the herd strong. It really doesn’t matter what old man winter throws at us this year or the next, because you will be ready for it, able to adapt and make the best of it, whatever that might be.

Originally published in SnowTech Magazine’s print version. SnowTech is published 5 times a year and is available as a subscription here, or available on your local newsstand.

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