From the September 2012 issue of SnowTech Magazine One of the issues owners of the new 2012 Arctic Cat Procross models most frequently mentioned...

From the September 2012 issue of SnowTech Magazine

One of the issues owners of the new 2012 Arctic Cat Procross models most frequently mentioned in our reader surveys was the change in ride quality from the previous Arctic Cat sleds they were used to, most specifically with the long track XF models.

The suspension experts at Hygear Suspension know this too, as they were flooded with requests for an upgrade package for the new Cats. The combination of the sheer number of these sleds that were sold, and the desire for a improved ride quality and bump capability led Hygear to develop an outstanding package for these popular models.

Custom Axis shocks are now available from Hygear Suspension for these Arctic Cat ProCross F and XF models. Dual rate spring kits, personalized valving, and optional full adjustment features improve weight transfer, bump handling and bottoming resistance, turning the already competent ProCross F into a sled that can handle all trail conditions, from the start of the day to the end.


A common complaint about the 141” long track Arctic Cat ProCross XF models was its limited range of handling on the trail. The ride feels harsh and stiff over the stutter bumps, while at the same time feeling soft and bottoming easily over big bumps. Custom Axis shocks widen the range of handling by adding progression to the suspension, turning the XF into the crossover sled it was meant to be. This same shock setup was used successfully by Team Grip N’ Rip in the 2012 Cain’s Quest Cross Country Race.

All Custom Axis shocks are hand built to order, with springs and valving carefully selected for each rider’s weight and type of riding. They come standard with large diameter shafts and reservoirs, and are fully serviceable and tuneable. Dual-speed compression adjusters as well as rebound adjusters are also available, making Custom Axis shocks the most adjustable shock available for the latest generation of Arctic Cat snowmobiles. At an absolute minimum, we would suggest adding the adjustable compression dampening so you can fine tune the base calibration that Hygear installs for your personal preference or specific riding conditions. Having some adjustability is far better than no adjustability, and well worth the extra investment for all riders in our opinion.

Prices for individual shocks start at $499.99, and complete sets of four shocks start at $1849.99. That might sound like a chunk of change, but the improvement is going to please you and you will really appreciate the difference. Tim Lessard of Team Grip n Rip tells SnowTech, “We wouldn’t have been able to take second place in the 2012 Cain’s Quest without the shock package from Hygear Suspension. The transformation was incredible.”

Custom Axis Shocks are available exclusively from Hygear Suspension for ProCross F & XF models in both SnoPro and LXR trim lines. For more information call Hygear Suspension at
607-533-7434 or visit

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