The industry’s first GORE-TEX riding boot is “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®”! Whether you live to carve through fresh powder all day long, pound...

The industry’s first GORE-TEX riding boot is “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®”!

Whether you live to carve through fresh powder all day long, pound out a 200-300 mile day or just ride casually through winter’s beauty, you’ll do it with warm and dry feet in Klim’s new Adrenaline Boot. The Adrenaline Boot is the only snowmobile boot on the market with a GORE-TEX membrane and W.L. Gore and Associates’ famous “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” promise.

“Our research shows that about 90 percent of competitive boots are neither waterproof nor breathable,” explained Klim President Justin Summers. “But the real soaker for snowmobilers is perspiration, and even those boots that are waterproof won’t let that escape.” The Adrenaline Boot’s GORE-TEX membrane and multi-layer perforated construction meets Gore’s stringent standards for breathability. That means when sledders get moving and their feet start to sweat (more than a pint of sweat a day) the Adrenaline Boot will draw that moisture out to the world, keeping socks as warm and dry as when the ride started!

“We built the Adrenaline Boot for serious snowmobilers because we designed them for ourselves,” said Summers. Consumers will find a tough, abrasion-resistant composite outsole with a Kicker Toe to protect the boots from wear caused by traction strips and tunnel bolts. “Our new polyurethane midsole resists packing out better than competitive EVA midsoles,” he added. “We put our Adrenaline Boots on some of the most aggressive, gear-abusing riders we know for thousands of miles to prove out their durability. These boots are made to thrive in the harsh usage serious snowmobilers put their gear through.”

The new Adrenaline Boot features 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate™ insulation. This offers excellent warmth protection without adding bulk. “The Thinsulate material we use in the Adrenaline Boot is one of the thinnest and toughest insulations on the market. It takes a beating and retains its loft without retaining moisture,” said Summers.

Riders will appreciate Klim’s attention to ankle support and flexibility. The Adrenaline boot is not as stiff as many of the “snowcross” or “snowboard” boots currently on the market. “One of our goals for the Adrenaline Boot was to design it so that people can actually walk in them,” said Summers. “We started with a molded composite skeleton for lateral stability and then worked on the right cutout shape to allow good forward flexibility at the ankle. Owners will be very happy with the walkability of the Adrenaline Boot.”

Klim brought some of the first snowmobile-specific GORE-TEX jackets and pants to the market, and now offers the first Gore-Tex boot to snowmobiling. “We have a very strong working partnership with the team at Gore,” noted Summers. “That relationship has allowed us to offer snowmobilers the best, most technically advanced riding garments in the world.”

The Adrenaline Boot will be available as Klim Dealerships in the Fall of 2006. Offered in sizes ranging from men’s 7-14 with a retail Price of only $159.99. Visit to find the nearest dealer.

  • Ryan Kiechle

    February 6, 2007 #1 Author

    While there was nothing wrong with my previous boots (Trukke) I decided it was time to try out the hype about these… So I have only used them for a quick 500 mile weekend.. First impression is: Great Boots, for once my Polaris built in feet roaster was unable to make my boots fill up with sweat! Have not had a chance to use them in extreme cold and deep snow yet, that will be the real test…

  • Randy Wright

    September 3, 2007 #2 Author

    I used a pair all of the 06-07 season and I thought they were the best boot I have ever had for snowmobiling!

  • Robert Liljekvist

    November 1, 2008 #3 Author

    Bought my boots for the 07 season and these boots are by far the best investment in Snowmobile gear that I have ever made. Super comfortable, warm and super dry! I have tried different HMK boots, Scott boots, Power boots and a number of others and the Adrenaline is by far the best overall boot for me. I ride 90% boondocking and want the boot to be waterproof, warm and comfortable. You can wear them when out taking a walk or snowmobiling. Works perfect for in both cases. //Robert (Sweden)

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