The all-new Stealth Jacket and Bib from Klim is the ultimate in lightweight, durable ultra-serious riding gear for the most active riders on the...

The all-new Stealth Jacket and Bib from Klim is the ultimate in lightweight, durable ultra-serious riding gear for the most active riders on the snow. The Stealth design is lighter, faster and stronger with an extreme degree of mobility and flexibility, much like the extreme back country boondockers that continually push the limits of their bodies, machines, and the elements in which they ride.
The Stealth Jacket is approximately 25% lighter than their current Valdez Parka and the Stealth Bib is approximately 20% lighter than their current Togwotee Bib. The weight reduction comes from new high-tech materials never used before in the power sports industry along with an all-new athletic-cut. Also, the absence of a hanging liner reduces weight, eliminates bunching and binding, and allows for maximum breathability and venting. Snowmobilers will spend thousands of dollars to lighten their sleds, and Klim has given them one more way to shed those precious pounds while increasing performance.


• “Faster” is obtained through the precise articulation and patterning of the Stealth Jacket and Bib along with the industry’s first use of STRETCH GORE-TEX. The stretch GORE-TEX nylon shell fabric will give you the maximum amount of mobility while testing your limits of extreme boondocking though deep powder and dense trees. The incredibly breathable 3-layer construction and massive ventilation makes this the ultimate set for the most active riders.
Everything from the stretchable nylon material in the powder skirt and gators to the new YKK SOFLEX stretchable zipper provide the ultimate in flexibility. Even the extremely durable Nylon 6.6 overlays in the elbows and shoulders are four-way stretch.

• “Stronger” comes from the durable Nylon 6.6 overlays in high wear areas, unsurpassed construction quality and the new durable stretch GORE-TEX body material. The stretch material will “give” when other materials will simply tear under extreme pressure. Also adding to the extreme durability is the industry’s first use of D30 intelligent armor reactive padding in both the Jacket and Bib. D30 is a worldwide leader in impact protection and shock absorption with innovative and pioneering reactive padding. These pads are soft and flexible until impact, at which time they react at the molecular level and re-distribute the energy of the impact like a hard shell.

• “Comfort” is ultimately what an extreme athlete requires after all functional needs are met. The Stealth delivers. Soft and supple flannel material backs the three layer GORE-TEX fabric for contact comfort and it also aids in wicking moisture away from your skin, keeping your micro-climate dry. The Stealth Jacket and Bib are the softest and most comfortable GORE-TEX outerwear pieces that Klim has made to date. The lightweight construction, stretch and internal linings in this jacket takes the comfort level to a much higher level. Under all the high-wear overlay panels you will find a micro-fleece-backed Three Layer Stretch GORE-TEX material. This micro-fleece adds another layer of padding along with a light level of insulation.

• Two more awesome features are the extreme amount of venting and storage. The venting on this jacket is also designed with a backpack in mind. There are venting options and angles never before seen in the industry like wrist vents and bicep vents. This jacket will have considerably more storage than any other jacket Klim has ever made due in part to the rear pass-through storage pocket on the back of the Stealth Jacket.

• The new Stealth bib is the most mobile, best-fitting set of riding pants to ever hit the snow. New slim cut patterning fits sleeker but maximizes rider comfort thanks to the maximum flexibility. Riders that have worn these compare them to the fit and feel of being more like a well worn set of blue jeans, they’re that comfortable. Their lightweight construction, flexibility, aggressive patterning and high strength bring riding bibs to a whole new level for the most active riders. And with GORE-TEX three-layer laminate construction, they’re guaranteed to keep you dry.

The new KLIM Stealth Jacket and Bib will soon be available at authorized KLIM dealers. Visit to learn more or to locate a dealer nearest to you.

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