Klutch GTX BOA Boot Klutch GTX BOA Boot
One of the most popular boots ever offered to snowmobilers has been the Adrenaline GTX boot from KLIM. This boot, while seeing redesigns over... Klutch GTX BOA Boot

One of the most popular boots ever offered to snowmobilers has been the Adrenaline GTX boot from KLIM. This boot, while seeing redesigns over the years, has been a favorite of riders everywhere simply due to the versatility, comfort, grip and overall performance.

While KLIM has offered several other boots over the years, none have ever risen to the level of popularity of the Adrenaline GTX. For example, the KLIM Radium GTX boot was a stiffer snow-board style boot that some of the mountain riders preferred, and the KLIM Arctic GTX was a warmer but physically larger boot that riders found didn’t fit into the foot wells as cleanly.

Klim Klutch GTX BOA Boot

Many riders upgraded their original Adrenaline GTX boots with the newer BOA style boot, which added the ratchet-style BOA system that eliminates the standard laces for a quick-on and quick-off cable-style tensioning system with the use of a quick-turn dial for tensioning and quick-release function to get them off.

If there was one thing that could be improved up with the Adrenaline GTX boots, riders were asking for slightly more warmth but without added bulk. Or, minimal added bulk. This was the challenge. Improve upon the Adrenaline GTX and give it some added warmth, but do so with minimal increase in physical size.

Enter the new for 2019 KLIM Klutch GTX BOA boot. This new design was aimed at riders facing both high speed trails and backcountry powder, with a key focus on warmth. With 30% more insulation than the Adrenaline GTX, the Klutch features 800 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation with GORE-TEX waterproof membrane to keep you (and the insulation) warm and dry. To help make it easy to secure in cold conditions the Klutch uses one center mounted BOA H3 Coiler while the Adrenaline GTX BOA uses a BOA Dual Zone system with two adjustment points instead of one.
The Klutch also features a new Michelin Rubber Outsole technology that was tested and developed on the Havoc Snowbike boot. This sole has the perfect combination of traction and durability along with being even more comfortable for walking.

We’ve been wearing the Adrenaline GTX boots for as long as they’ve been available and were excited to see the Klutch boot added to the line-up. The new Klutch boot is exactly what we wanted – slightly warmer yet almost identical in physical size.

While the Adrenaline GTX BOA has a slightly stiffer base which works well for aggressive active riding the Klutch has a slightly softer feel for added comfort on longer or colder rides. The Klutch is still a good aggressive rider boot, but it’s not quite as stiff as the Adrenaline. Again, the difference is slight and many riders might never notice this. It depends on how much stand-up riding you’re doing.

One other thing we noticed was the location of the D-ring, further down on the boot and off to the side. We always attach our gaitor snap at the bottom of the bibs to the D-ring on the boot to keep the pants and gaitor secured down around the boot both for wind intrusion and keeping the snow out, and the new location of the D-ring makes it slightly more difficult to attach to if you’re a taller rider as it pulls your pant leg down a bit more. Not a big deal, but this was something we noticed.

What we appreciate the most is the added insulation (800 grams vs. 600 grams) in comparison to our Adrenaline GTX boots. For years we resisted spending the extra money for the BOA system, but once you try it you’ll likely never go back to laces ever again. Quick on, quick off, easy to tension just right, they make getting suited up and taking gear off easier than ever.
The new Klutch boot is offered in both Black and Hi-Vis for $299.99. For comparison, the Adrenaline Pro GTX BOA sells for $369.99 and the Adrenaline GTX (laces) sells for $259.99. Basically you get warmer boots and the BOA system for only $40 more. If you like the slightly stiffer base then the Adrenaline Pro might be for you. Available from KLIM dealers worldwide, or order directly from KLIM at 208-552-7433 or www.KLIM.com.

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