In the March 2007 issue on Page 10 in the “Feedback” section in a blurp titled “Monoshock Set-up” we referred to some Charts from...

In the March 2007 issue on Page 10 in the “Feedback” section in a blurp titled “Monoshock Set-up” we referred to some Charts from the Yamaha Snowmobile Technical Update manual – Here they are in JPG format along with the write up from the March issue:

Dear SnowTech:
In a recent issue you ran an article in the service and tuning notes section concerning the Yamaha Monoshock suspension setup. In the article you stated Yamaha dealers would be able to provide a matrix chart that graphically shows all of the weight ranges and settings for the Monoshock suspension. I contacted two local Yamaha dealers and they told me they had no idea what I was talking about. They informed me that the only chart available was the one in my owners manual, however, that chart only tells hard/medium/soft settings; not how to set up the set in for my weight and riding style. I purchased an 2007 Attack GT and am wondering if you could print this matrix chart since my local Yamaha dealers are either incompetent, or lazy, and unable to provide me with this chart.
Wayne Gerhartz

Here are those charts since so many of you have told us your dealers don’t know what we’re talking about. Tell them it’s in their Yamaha Snowmobile Technical Update manual, every dealer has one. For 2006 models, refer to the 2006 version, and for 2007 models refer to the 2007 version. Yamaha provides this info to their dealers, but it clearly isn’t getting through to the owners. Here are the 2007 model Graphs:

  • Mitch Emerson

    February 26, 2008 #1 Author

    Hoping you can help me. I have 2007 Attack GT, at speeds under 40MPH I have a real loud grumbling noise, it is so loud I wear earplugs. I can’t hear anything when the sled is idleing, so I don’t believe it is an exhaust leak. It just seems to come and go, have you heard of this before. I can’t seem to get any answers. Thanks, Mitch

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